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Top 100 Historical Romances I Recommend (Part 1)

by | Jul 25, 2022 | Tea and Biscuits Discussions | 12 comments

So Today I wanted to share something special with all of you today, lately historical romances has been heavy on my mind. I have recently become part of this fantastic discord group and I just love seeing all the passion for historical romances. And its really breathed new desire for the sub genre. As you all know, historical romance was my first love when it comes to romance, and even though I don’t read it as much as I used it, it still holds a special place in my heart. So today I want to share a 4 part series of sharing all of my top favorites, but even narrowing this down to the top 100 is going to be tough haha Now these books that I am going to share with you are going to be part of various time era’s and settings. They won’t just reside in the Regency/Victorian (although there will be plenty of those). My goal with this is to share the “gold mine” of historical romance.

Time Era: Victorian Era/England

Devil in Winter is a true classic and probably not a surprise that you are seeing this one on my list. This book has the best redeemable story and one of most endearing marriage of convenience tropes out there.

Time Era: Regency/England

I am going to be real and say that this is my favorite of Lindsey’s books and there are quite a few that I loved. But this one just was so magical. I really adored this trope and seeing how these two find their way together. We get plenty of fun family antics and loved seeing this forbidden love pair find their way to their HEA.

Time Era: Plantanaget/England

Oh this book is simply beautiful in every way! It does have low steam but it has some of the most beautiful and FUN fade to black scenes I have ever read. Its an arranged marriage, with abused heroine, and a hero that is blind. This book is one of the most poignant and will have you cheering this couple all the way through and leave you with a smile on your face.

Time Era: (most likely) Stewart/Stuart/Scotland

If you are going to grab up a highlander romance, then this one must be on your list as one of the best reads. Its charming, its sweet and emotional. Its a page turner, and captivating in the lyrical writing and the strong characters that easily win over your heart.

Time Era: Victorian Era/England

This is one of the BEST books that this author has ever written. It is sexy, laugh out loud entertaining and tackles some issues that most authors don’t address. Its a story of a self made hero, and meeting his most unlikely match who is a Duchess of the Ton. They live in two different worlds, but their story is breathtaking!

Time Era: American West

In all honestly, you need to read the WHOLE series as a whole to understand the full scope of what this story means. Jake and Randy will always have my heart. What we see in this series is seeing them fall in love, marry and build a family and grow in their marriage in the most heart-wrenching of ways. The way in that they stand by each other no matter what comes their way will tug at your heartstrings and emotions in a way you won’t see coming and they by far are my FAVORITE couple of all time!

Time Era: Victorian Era/England

Alright folks this book is pure beauty and if you haven’t read it then well we can’t be friends (haha) This book is so amazing, the heroine is a badass, and both the hero and heroine pose as man and mistress to find some secret letters and don’t expect to fall in love along the way and the seduction lessons….yep this book is everything.

Time Era: The Normans/England

This is one of the most beautiful books I have ever read from this author and anyone knows that the beginning scene will captivate your heart (warming the feet is all I will say) It has a mix of kidnapping and epic love type of feeling to the romance. It starts out as a bit of enemies to lovers as the heroine’s brother is the enemy to the hero BUT the heroine wins the hero’s heart from their first meeting and he will fight to keep her forever!

Time Era: Medival Middle Ages/England

This one will always reach my top picks and for good reason, It has a mix of age gap and class difference. The hero is a titled lord in England and the heroine is one of his weavers who is a single mother. She becomes his leman and they fall in love. I adore this book because its raw, delivers deep riveting emotion and will pull you so quickly into the story.

Time Era: The Normans/England

This has some unique tropes within this one, with a mix of enemies to lovers and forbidden love. The hero is commanded to marry the heroine’s sister, but he is falling for the wrong one. There is such rich detail in the writing of this story, both characters are strong and passionate and is a powerful romance!

Time Era: Tudor/England

This is one of the most compelling historical romances out there and there is a reason its so well loved. This does have the kidnapping set up, a few misunderstandings but is so intense and gravitating and you will be immediately sucked into this story and such a EPIC love tale that is beyond memorable.

Time Travel Romance

This is one of the BEST time travel romances I have ever read, it blends in some sexy highlander with a bit of magic and a sassy strong yet sweet heroine. These two need each other to survive but loved seeing the spine of steel this heroine has to fight for the man she falls for.

Time Era: Victorian/England

This is one of the most fun historical’s I have ever read. This is a retelling of the Sound of Music, with a widowed military father, a governess for the heroine who also has a secret identity. There is some spy stuff, charming children antics and a super sexy romance you can cheer on. This couple have their work cut out for them but this book won my heart so quickly and I guarantee it will for you as well.

Time Era: Wars of Independence/Scotland

This was such a heart endearing read. I was so in love with this couple from the beginning, This is a story about embracing your destiny and marrying a complete stranger. I read through this one so quickly and I couldn’t put it down, Donna Fletcher pens such a rich filled romance that has such vibrant emotion and family connection.

Time Era: Regency/England

This is one of the BEST enemies to lovers romances I have ever read in the historical genre. I adored everything about this book. This has lots of spy shenanigans happening, a soldier doing his duty and a young woman caught in the middle. Its a mesmerizing story that will keep you on edge and laughing along the way.

Time ERa: America West

Texas Bride is a western, and a mail-order bride. This was such a interesting story has it has super strong family dynamics, a set of siblings looking to survive. I really adored this one, and mail order bride is one of my favorite tropes when it comes to reading a western. Its an endearing emotional story that you can easily become invested into.

Time Era: Regency/England

This is my favorite of the series, and of this author. I absolutely adored this book when I first read it (and yes 100 x times better than that debacle of a plot in the tv show) There is so much heart and beauty in this book with some of the best sexual tension you will read in a romance. Such strong characters that deserve such a satisfying HEA.

Time Era: Victorian Era/England

Karen Hawkins is a queen when it comes to writing sexy and sassy romances that has the perfect level of bantering with an engaging plot. I absolutely adored everything about this book and this one is so underrated in my opinion….TRUE TREASURE of a romance.

Time Era: Colonial/America

This is one of the BEST books this author has written. It has low angst, sweet strong characters, consensual and very tame in comparison to her other books. In fact if you are going to read this author, let this be your first book from her, her other books are so bananas (haha) but this one is endearing and plus has a great mystery plot that only enhances the story.

Time Era: American West/Reconstruction/Post Civil War

This is a book you probably recognize from your local B&N, but its also a republished work of “Rose” part of the “Seven Brides” series. This definitely has the whole “Seven Brides Seven Brothers” retelling going on. Its rich in the characters and history. The family dynamics are beyond fun and the romance is so beautiful. And plus this is a male romance author and he writes it so GREAT!

Time Era: American West

I don’t read this author much anymore, but her historical westerns are GEMS of the prarie. I absolutely had so much fun with this book and is a mail order bride set up. There is some levels of angst, the hero is so stubborn at times, but our heroine is a fighter. We get strong family ties and the western aesthetic is written so well. You can’t go wrong with a classic Miller romance.

Time Era: American West

This book y’all!!! Out of all the books that this author has written, please READ This true treasure of the wild west. Its magnificent. It has an arranged marriage trope, with opposites attract. Its rich with character growth and deep riveting emotion. This book had my emotions all over the place and so captivating! Dallas and Dee with always have MY heart!

Time Era: Medieval/Scotland (Specific time frame unknown)

This book is one of my favorites from this author, and in my mind one of her best historical’s. This is a book you will either love or hate, but I ended up loving it. It has such a fun road trip adventure, lots of laughs along the way and super sexy and sweet. The heroine has such fire in her and a well match to our badass highlander.

Time Era: Regency/England

The Autumn Bride is one of the BEST regency historical’s you could ever pick up! There is such rich authenticity to this author’s style of writing, the romance is endearing, both characters are protectors of those under their care, there is such liveliness to this story and is such a well balanced story.

The Pirate Lord is one amazing story and one of the BEST pirate romances that you could ever pick up. Its has this sweet angst, lots of barrels of laughs, characters you just want to be friends with and has a island setting. This story is amazing because it has such a perfect romance and this author wrote such gold within this story.

So tell me what do you think of the 1st part of this series? Do you see any favorites? Let me know in the comments below!

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  1. Nadene

    You listed a few that I have read an enjoyed. I think I need to arrange a re-read for them, especially for Kingdom of Dreams and Petals on the River.

  2. The Butterfly Reader (@sweet_cherry69)

    Devil in Winter is the best! I actually didn’t like an English Bride in Scotland even though I wanted to so much! For some reason, the author just doesn’t vibe with me. I’ve never really liked any of her work. Never Seduce A Scot is on my list!

  3. Rachel @Waves of Fiction

    Loved Devil in Winter (really all of Kleypas’ historical romances!) and Never Seduce a Scot! I’ve read Julie Garwood, Linda Lael Miller and Lyndsa Sands, but not their historical novels. Must give them a try! I’ll have to visit this post next time I’m looking for a really good historical to read!

  4. Carole

    Before I started blogging, I read a ton of historical romance. Lisa Kleypas is fantastic but I also have loved Christina Dodd, Rosanne Bittner, and Lind Lael Miller.

  5. Sophia Rose

    You are a wonderful advocate for historical romance and I love seeing old ones I remember. I’ve only read a couple from your list and have several more in the TBR pile.

  6. Tanya @ Girl Plus Books

    Great post, Renee! I can’t imagine how time consuming this was to put together, and your love for the genre really shows!

    • Lover of Romance

      haha yeah Tanya it took a while so I am glad that I decided to do my top 100 in parts!!!

  7. Hooked By That Book

    That is a great list. I have read many of them and a lot of those authors are my go-to reads.

  8. Gretchen (@aboutthatstory)

    This is a great list! I have so many tabs open as I look them up. I’m reading Honor’s Splendour right now and can’t put it down. I love that time period!

    • Lover of Romance

      oh no really???!!! you are loving it? That is my favorite Julie Garwood, isn’t that “Warming Feet” scene so amazing? I am so happy that’s its becoming such a win for you.


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