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Reader Tracker Spreadsheet 



Welcome to something new that I have been working on for quite a while now, and this has been something that I have been wanting to share. As book lovers, its always important and it can be FUN too, to track what we read, to accomplish our reading/bookish goals, and see the progress that we make in our reading. As a book blogger, I have come to appreciate what tracking books and blog goals can be in a spreadsheet. And there are so many options out there for us bookish lovers. But I will admit that many of them don’t have what I need, and so I thought I would combine aspects of all the various spreadsheets that I like to bring together something that is more extensive on the tracking. This is something that I have found very useful and I wanted to create something that would be adaptive to your needs. Now the base of this spreadsheet is off of the spreadsheet template Ezra @ I Heart Romance shared last year (which the original base was from NovelTea plus other aspects of spreadsheets from Brock and Ali’s templates), but I added some things and made some tweaks here and there to create something more expansive. I hope you all enjoy it and find it useful for you!



This is definitely my favorite tab (other than the stats pages) I just love how this one is built and all the features that it has. This log calculates many different elements but you don’t have to use them all. If there is a column you don’t want to use, just delete it. This one will help you calculate your authors, series, genres, tropes, and more. It also has an added feature that I implemented from “The Book Roast” She has a rating system called “CAWPILE” and how it works is that it takes seven subcategories which you judge on a scale of 1-10 and then in this spreadsheet, it will calculate the rating for you. I have included the cheat sheet for this system, I have found it so useful in the past year in helping me calculate a more detailed and accurate rating. But I would also recommend if you are interested, to watch her video on this: 


This rating system is one that I incorporated into this spreadsheet and its one that is implemented that allows you to adjust what you look and judge in a book and have a specific rating system for the books that you read. And it calculates all the specifc factors into the rating for you.


Now it is ESSENTIAL to understand how this sheet work. As you look in the Book Log, you will see quite a few drop-down menus, so on this page, this is where all of your menu items are locations and if you want to add or change them, you can do as many as you want. Like for example if you want to add more publishers or tropes or themes of what you are reading, you can change it. But for example, if you want to change your genres (these genres are really just for romance fiction only, but if you want to add different ones, you will have to adjust some of the stat tables through functions  (if you need help with this, just DM or email me and I can walk you through it, its fairly easy once you understand how to do it) 


This is honestly one of my favorite aspects of tracking my reading through spreadsheets, I absolutely love it so much. Its just so fun to see the various charts and grids and all the numbers is really fun to see. Now I have a few sheets for this template. We have the Summary, Monthly Stats, Details Page, and then the Graphs/Pie Charts page. I absolutely love all of these sections.