Tea and Biscuits Discussions: Fairy Tale Retellings

I love and adore a good fairy tale retelling, it gets me back to all those good feels. I grew up loving fairy tales, one of my most memorable books as a kid was one of those thick volumes of fairy tales and it had pictures hehe so that was always a plus. I do like the way that they are written, seeing strong characters overcome some tough challenges and find their own happy ending and you can easily relate with them in real life at times. So when I see authors write romances based on a fairy tale I have a blast with it. Or even books based on classic themes from plays from Shakespeare I am all for as well. You don’t see too many of those though. You can also have a chance on mythology tales which I need to explore way more than I have recently. But the most well known fairy tales just give me all those good feels. Listed below are some of my personal favorites and the romances that made the biggest impression on me and you are guaranteed a happy ending.

Beauty and the Beast

The Little Mermaid

The Ugly Duckling


Robin Hood

Snow White

Red Riding Hood

The Princess and the Pea

Sleeping Beauty

Questions For My Readers

Do you enjoy reading fairy tale retellings?

What are some of your favorites?