Lusting For Covers (255) Once a Dreamer

“The Busybody” counseled Eleanor Tennant’s headstrong niece to “follow her heart”—sending the impressionable girl racing into the arms of a notorious rake.

And Eleanor is furious!

The fiery Miss Tennant wants satisfaction from the popular lady columnist who ruined young Belinda’s life. But imagine Eleanor’s surprise when she discovers the anonymous author of the odious advice is a disarmingly attractive man named Simon Westover! Well, the handsome cad is responsible for this outrage, and he will set things right!

As for Simon, he must protect his “Busybody” identity at all costs—and therefore agrees to help Eleanor scour the English countryside for missing Belinda and her paramour. But the intoxicating nearness of the exquisite lady—not to mention her dazzling, emerald eyes and lush, kissable lips—is almost too much for a hopeless romantic like Simon to bear. Yet how can he convince Eleanor that he is no mere meddler but a passionate male with intense desires…and prove to the stubborn, straightforward miss that dreams of love can come true?

Why Once A Dreamer?

I decided to go with old school today and Candice Hern has some of the most pretty ones. I love this style of cover, and there are times I miss these. They are so classically romantic. I love the read and gold, the backdrop is gorgeous with the vine of roses and that sky—I love this pose too. Its very tender.

11 thoughts on “Lusting For Covers (255) Once a Dreamer

  1. Oh man – the bolded and underlined line in the synopsis, that is so great! It definitely adds to the old-school feel of this book. I love the classically romantic pose!

    Question — is the Flickr picture you have featured currently on your right sidebar from a book’s cover? It has a medieval romance feel, and I LOOOOOOVE medieval romances. 😀

    Have a great week, Renee!

    Alyssa @ The Eater of Books!

    1. oh I do love the old school feel to it as well. The picture I have on the side here, is a stepback for Hidden Honor by Anne Stuart. It is a medieval romance, haven’t read it yet but want to. I have seen a lot of good ratings for it on GR. So we should do a read a long if you are ever in the mood hehe

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