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Sunday Post

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So this past week I got some things done both in my personal life and the blog life. Sometimes they do feel like two different lives though. So I returned back to work, and as great as it was to take a week off…I sure did miss working and getting back in the groove of things. I started working out with my pilates from….and man was it good to get back to that. I surely have missed my fix of Cassey Ho, I have been with her for three years and she is definitely motivating. And a plus is all her videos are free through you tube…so she is amazing, and I realized this past week that even though my family and some friends don’t approve of the career I am going into, I don’t care anymore what they choose to think of my life plan. I feel a kinship to this fine lady because her parents thought the same thing of being a fitness instructor (they told her she would fail and crash and burn)…and now she has her own fitness line and does fitness tours and is in magazines and on talk shows.  I have learned much from her, mostly is to not give up on what you want from your life…I live in Utah and I have felt in a rut…like I am going no where and just living a life that is average and recently I 1a25discovered that being a Wedding Planner is what I want to do, and I won’t let anything or anyone stand in the way…despite how scary it is, because I will have to move probably to Texas or back east somewhere, and boy does that terrify me but at the same time I am SUPER excited to go somewhere new, meet new people, and try making a good life for myself. So  my plan as far as workouts is do try to do it 4-6 times a week and I have a plan to eat more healthy too…focusing on more veggies and fruits and less on the junk food in fact I am thinking of cutting sweets completely out unless its homemade desserts. I have been doing weight watchers on and off for over a year…but I want to be more diligent, because last year before the holidays I lost all the weight I had gained since working in the food industry, but then regained it when I let it slide during the holidays so I am trying to slim down and my goal is to get more fit and toned. I feel as if this is completely right for me. Now for the blog, well I have completely my Paranormal Romance recommendation page…WHOHOOO!!! And caught up on my reviews and readings, and been making a effort to be more active on Goodreads, Booklikes and Twitter. But its still a work in progress and still trying to get a organized schedule for them all.

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