Laurie McBain Book Tour: Chance the Winds Of Fortune and Dark Before The Rising Sun

Welcome To The Sourcebooks Casablanca Book Tour introducing a republished series that connects a family together. The two books that we will be introducing today are Chance the Winds of Fortune and Dark Before The Rising Sun. They are books 2 and 3 in the family saga. These two books are connected together and is where we find Rhea and Dante are tested in the worst ways. The first book of the trilogy deals with Rhea’s parents. In the second book “Chance the Winds Of Fortune” we see the close familial ties with the Dominicks. Then Rhea is kidnapped and on the other side of the world she meets Dominick and they fall in love. But their story doesn’t end there. Dante has a history, a painful one. Dante and Rhea return back to England where their relationship is truly tested, but their love stands the tide. This duo of books is phenomenal and we see a love saga of adventure, loyalty and passion.
Chance The Winds Of Fortune
Title: Chance The Winds Of Fortune

Series: Dominick #2

Author Laurie McBain

Release Date: July 1980, Republished October 6 2015

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Fortune smiled on Dante Leighton, titled lord turned pirate. Sailing before the Sea Dragon’s towering masts, he plundered hearts and cargoes from the Carolinas to Trinidad’s turquoise lagoons. But one treasure always eluded him …. Until, a world away, at the English country estate of Lucien and Sabrina Dominick, a series of dazzling intrigues results in the abduction of their golden-haired daughter, Rhea …. And now, in a gathering wave of turbulent emotion, the fates of Rhea and Dante converge unforgettably — in a quest for sunken Spanish treasure … and a love worth a thousand fortunes.




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Dark Before The Rising Sun
Title: Dark Before The Rising Sun

Series: Dominick #3

Author: Laurie McBain

Release Date: May 1982, republished October 6 2015

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Lady Rhea Claire Dominick, fair and flawlessly beautiful daughter of a Duke, was stolen from her father’s house — and shipped to the Colonies as a slave.

Dante Leighton, who squandered a Marquis’ inheritance in his dissolute youth, pursued his fortune at sea — and found his destiny in the amethyst eyes of a fascinating woman.

They sailed the West Indian isles, discovering fabulous riches… and the raptures of a love more precious than treasure. On a secluded shore, in an idyll apart from the world, they surrendered themselves to ecstasy. But on returning to England, their joy was beset by a tempest of scandal, spite andmurderous peril — which was the end of their happiness, or the dark beforethe radiance of their love….


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Series Order

Moonstruck MadnessChance The Winds Of FortuneDark Before The Rising Sun

About The Author

Laurie McBainLaurie McBain was born on October 15, 1949. She was always passionate about art and history, and her father encouraged her and helped her write her first historical romance. At twenty-six, Laurie became a publishing phenomenon with her first historical romance. Her first novels “Devil’s Desire” and “Moonstruck Madness” each sold over a million copies. She was one of the pioners of the new romance style with Kathleen E. Woodiwiss. But, after the death of her father, she decided to retire from the publishing world in 1985, with only seven romances written.

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  1. i bought a physical copy of Chance The Winds Of Fortune cause of the cover o.o i am attracted to blue covers like a moth to a flame, its odd..really

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