Book Love (1) The Wolf and the Dove

Welcome to a new feature on Addicted To Romance!! Lately I have been thinking about those underrated books that deserve more attention. So each friday I want to share one of my personal favorites that are underrated and share some book love.


The Wolf and the DoveWhen the Normans invade and sweep across Saxon England in 1066, lovely Aislinn of Darkenwald watches her father murdered outside her home. Wulfgar, the Iron Wolf of Normandy, arrives to rule Darkenwald, and one look at Aislinn leads him to claim her as his own. She hates the Norman conquering forces, but Wulfgar awakens a consuming passion in her that she can’t deny. As she struggles with her growing love for Wulfgar, she does what she can to aid her conquered people and her bereaved mother. But a jealous lord conspires with Wulfgar’s spoiled half-sister and Aislinn’s very life is threatened before Wulfgar can admit that the woman he conquered has in truth, conquered his heart. This beloved historical romance deserves a special place on the shelves of millions of romance readers and shouldn’t be missed.




Why Wolf and the Dove? 

This was the first book I read from Kathleen Woodiwiss, and is one of those authors that knows how to write historical romance. Realistic in every way and doesn’t sugar coat what life was like back then. Which is rockin’ awesome. Sometimes its good to read a story that is tough and gritty and emotional. And The Wolf and the Dove fits that picture. There are some scenarios that aren’t pretty, especially in the beginning. But Both of these characters have a great inner strength you have to admire. We see some raw truths of life that occurs here, that are painful at times. But we also see the fortitude, resilience and strength that is very prominent. What really makes this story wonderful is our heroine. She is strong, courageous and has spirit. She fights on her own, and doesn’t back down when she really believes in something. A truly remarkable romance that will have you cheering when you see them overcome certain obstacles.