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Weekly Recap (Week 4) Second Christmas

by | Jan 23, 2022 | Sunday Post | 9 comments

Happenings in Week 4 of 2021

This week has been a busy filled week, I am loving seeing the number of books I actually read this past week, I just read so many addicting books this past week so again I got behind on reviews so this weekend I have a lot coming out, but I guess that is what happens when you work eight hours and just wanna relax and read. I really need to be better about keeping up on reviews and commenting more so I do apologize if I have been more absent. I might have picked up quite a few addictive reads which are great for my numbers. I do love starting the year with so many fun reads. Today though I am celebrating a second Christmas as my sister and her family couldn’t be with us originally late last year due to weather conditions, so they are coming down so I am not gonna complain about good food.

Books Read and Posts in the Week of January 16 through January 22

Book Review-Don’t Kiss The Bride by Carian Cole

Book Review-Overlord by Anna Hackett

Week 3 of January Book Releases

Audio Book Review-Fire In His Embrace by Ruby Dixon

Book Review-Pure Rapture by Aja James

Book Review-Rhythm, Chord, and Malykin by Mariana Zapata

Book Review-Hooked by Emily McIntire -Review Coming Out Soon

Book Review-Scarred by Emily McIntire-Review Coming Out Soon

Trilogy Book Review-The Enforcers by Maya Banks-Review Coming Out Soon

Current Reads

Book Releases I Am Excited For

Munroe by Kresley Cole

Getting Real by Emma Chase

In The Arms of a Highlander by Michele Sinclair

Fallen by Suzanne Wright

The Resurrection by Jodi Ellen Malpas

Favorite Book of the Week

New Additions at A&R

A Touch of Malice by Scarlett St. Clair (Purchase in Print)

Wild Conquest by Hannah Howell (Purchase in Print)

The Duchess Hunt by Lorraine Heath (Purchase in Print and eBook)

When A Princess Proposes by Kerrelyn Sparks (ARC)

He Said Never by Ruth Cardello-KU

Hooked and Scarred by Emily McIntire (eBook)

We have MANY book releases coming out this week, so for a full comprehensive list, my book release post on Tuesday will be showcasing all the goodies to look forward to

so tell me how has your fourth week in January been progressing?Any greats reads you were able to indugle in this past week? let me know in the comments below!

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  1. Tanya @ Girl Plus Books

    Your book photos are so gorgeous. You really have a knack for creating pretty displays/flat lays. Hooray for a second Christmas. I hope you have a great visit with your sister.

  2. Sam@wlabb

    If unwinding with a good book is what you want to do – do it! Glad to hear you are finding so many great books. I can relate to pushing off reviews to read more. I do that too. Then, I am overwhelmed by all the reviews I have to write.

  3. Nadene

    I am looking forward to reading your thoughts on Running on Diesel.

  4. Carole @ Carole's Random Life

    It can be really hard to keep up with everything after a day of work. I have been playing catch up most weekends since I get so behind during the week. Nothing wrong with taking the time to read.

  5. Ann Lorz

    You had a really good week. I loved Munro and can’t wait to hear what you thought of it.

  6. Sophia Rose

    Hope the second Christmas is fun. LOL, once in a while I let reviews pile up while I keep reading. I figure it doesn’t do anyone much good if I toss out slip shod reviews, but I also don’t wait too long so I forget what I want to say.

    Lovely new stack and I’m looking forward to Munro as well.

    Have a great week, Renee!

  7. Jen

    Sounds like a good week. I read so much more slowly than you, so many times, I’m reading the same book as I was the previous week. I did pick up a couple audiobook novellas for review from favorite authors. They both were a lot of fun. I’m currently listening to the fourth Kat Holloway mystery and I’m engrossed! I spent most of last week recovering from my cold and thankfully I’m 99% better now.

  8. Sophie

    I hope you had fun with your sister Renee!


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