Tea & Biscuits Book Discussions: Reading Habits


Every one who reads has different reading habits, and its always fun to look at what we do while we are reading. I have noticed that over time my actual reading habits haven’t really changed all that much. They have remained constant over the past ten years or so. So what are my reading habits?

Most time when I just grab a book and read I usually settle in my bedroom. Its nice and quiet and its my space, which I have decorated. It’s warm and cozy and I love it. It makes me eager to have my own place soon and be able to decorate and furnish in my own style. I could read out in the living room or the kitchen, but I have three roommates that are constantly coming and going and it can get distracting. So I tend to stay in my room for my reading. Now I usually love to read on my stomach cuddling with a pillow. I always like listening to music. And for many years I have had to. When you live in college housing, most college students aren’t considerate or care about how noisy they can be. So I have had to play music while reading. But this year, I totally lucked out with my roomates. They are so quiet, so lately I don’t listen to music as much. Its wonderful to read a book with no noise….so peaceful and it took a little while to get used to the quiet. But normally when I do play music (which I know this sounds weird, but I love listening to instrumental and soundtrack music when reading historical’s) Crazy I know….but I love the music I have for my reading music because its relaxing and really sets the perfect tone for reading in a historical time frame.

I love eating and reading!! I don’t drink hardly ever. I have a pretty healthy diet now (attempting to get slim and toned) and drinking a lot of alcohol isn’t conducive to living healthy. I would rather save those calories for a sweet or when I am going out with friends or on a date. So I drink on special occasions. But I do love a good cup of herbal tea while reading. Tea is one of my favorite things, and its zero calories so I can drink as much as I want and not gain…well…ANYTHING LOL. Plus I love how refreshed it makes me feel. I love reading at night and during the day. Although with my crazy weird schedule because of the work I do, I don’t sleep at night. So I have been reading more during the night and mornings. Most times if I am reading a paperback, I try not to eat but if I do I make sure its not messy. I usually will use my e-reader if I want to read while eating. My biggest reason is because I can set it up at an angle, and set it a bit away so that I don’t risk spilling anything on it.

Lately, I have been focusing on more paperbacks and audio books. The only time I have really read e-books is for ARC’s. I am trying to get back to read on printed paper. I love the experience of it. So that is the biggest change for me lately.

Questions For My Readers 

What Are Your Reading Habits? Do you love them or are there changes you want to make?