Tea & Biscuits Book Discussion: Finding Those Books!!

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Over the years finding books and new authors has definitely changed. When I first started reading romance, my library was my source of reading. I was just 16, so I didn’t have money to go buy a ton of books. But I had the local library and it wasn’t easy finding the romance. The way the library was organized, it was going through each shelf and trying to find the romance—which wasn’t too difficult and the spine of romances back then were very obvious (one clue was the publisher in most cases it was Avon so I just looked for their imprint on the spine and voila a romance). For quite a few years the library was my main source of book reading, since right after high school I went to a junior college, that was in a small town, and there wasn’t any Barnes and Noble or Borders back then hehe…just the library and they actually had a decent romance collection. And for many years I relied on the library quite often, until I moved to where I am now. The romance selection that they have is pretty amazing, and I am one lucky gal. There is probably at least three long aisles of romance, its a newer library so that may be the reason. But its only been around for about five years ever since I started the blog. Every now and then I would buy some books, but mostly I relied on the library for finding those new authors and getting recommendations. Then Goodreads came along–and yes I was reading long before Goodreads and I have no idea how I survived before to be honest.

Now, what is the best way to find book recommendations? There are many available book platforms out there. Now the most popular is very obvious Goodreads….I think all of us use Goodreads. But ever since I started a blog I use two platforms that I rely on the most. Goodreads and LibraryThing. Now those who don’t know what LibraryThing is or don’t know much about it here is some info.

LibraryThing is more of a database to build a book library on. It has more emphasis on the details of a book than the social atmosphere. Now they have groups and a community but its smaller than Goodreads, but other than Goodreads this is the other platform I use the most often to place my reviews and my wishlist of reads on. I don’t use it as much as I used to but I actually like it in some ways. For instance, if I want to know the specific sub-genres (best when reading historical romance) this is a great place to see all those sub genres that aren’t obvious in the blurb or synopsis. Its not for everyone, but I tend to really like it if I want more details on a book I have interests in reading.

Now let us talk about one of my favorite ways to find new authors and recommendations: book blogs!! I love browsing through my favorite blogs and seeing what my friends are reading and what they are loving and in most cases I have loved every one of those books that they have recommended. I read most reviews through those book blogs I follow on a daily and weekly basis. Its also a great way to build personal connections and seeing that reviewer’s personality come through. Now don’t get me wrong, I still read reviews on Goodreads but its so much more fun through a book blog. Because each blog is so unique and different. Its such fun to see how we set up reviews different and all the fun stuff we add into it as well. There are some other resources available such as Heroes and Heartbreakers, RT Book Reviews and Fantastic Fiction and many others. Here is a full list if you want more here

So is that it or is there more for us? Well yes, there is quite more. There are many other platforms such as Shelfari, Book likes and such. But another way I like to find new books is heading over to my local Barnes & Noble. Now I am a huge fan of B&N, its really the only actual bookstore we have around where I live. And I love going in there with the scent of coffee beans plus the hint of books—I would love it if they had a candle with that scent!! Its always fun to head to the cafe they have, drink a latte and read my current read. But many times I will browse the bookshelves since I do like to purchase paperbacks especially if they are the same price as an ebook.

I have found that through the years, with technology advancing as it has, that we have so much available to us for finding new books. So I would love to hear your thoughts on this issue.


Questions For My Readers? 

How did you find those books before Goodreads and Librarything? 

What is your favorite bookish platform to use? 

Do you prefer reading reviews via Blogs, Goodreads, or other platforms? 

Do you go through online revenues or do you prefer to be old fashioned and find books through a book club or your local bookstore?