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Tea and Biscuits: The Fall Bucket List Book Tag

by | Sep 21, 2020 | Tea and Biscuits Discussions | 0 comments

This is a book tag that I found through the Drizzle and Hurricane Book Blog and I found it so charming, that I just knew that I needed to try it out. As many of my regulars know I ADORE fall …in fact I change my whole design for the fall season (which will be happening this week…so stay tuned) Fall is the best season in my opinion. Apple picking, corn mazes, trick or treating with the nephews (yes it will happen this year but differently), homemade chili with homemade bread, taking advantage of sweater and boot season, the changing scents, colors of the leaves (as I live in Utah it gets GORGEOUS here) and pumpkin spice in everything and love to honor this season with a fall book tag.

*I am TAGGING anyone that wants to join in*

For this tag I will be focusing on books I read this year or last year if I need to. (otherwise it would be a huge list of books for each category –just check out my GR Books Read LOL–you might be as shocked as I am on how many romances I have read over the years)

☕️ The Rules

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I adored both of these books but quite frankly I don’t read too many lighthearted reads. Not that I don’t love wit and humor in my reads because I DO , and many books I read have witty humor within the dialogue, but they aren’t light and fluffy, I prefer more serious toned plots and in depth relationships. Just my personal preference. I adored both of these books two, they were completely charming in every way. Both of these authors just write such fun sexy dialogues, its easy to be swept away.



Now most of the time when I pick up a “hyped” book I rarely if ever actually enjoy it to be honest, BUT these two books actually surprised me in how much I really enjoyed them. They are completely different in their type of hype, but superb in every way. I believe both books were 4 1/2 stars so they were definitely worth the time for me to pick up and take the risk and read.



Both of these books and the series attached to them have powerful friendship bonds….and both ironically are male. (I have a softness for male bonding)



This was such a treat of a story and boy did it make me hungry for anything pizzeria or Italian. LOL But such a charming romance and the one of the best books of the series here. ADORED it completely.



These two books brought such a smile to my face from beginning to end….I couldn’t get enough of them. I have really struggled with the Ravenels series to be honest but Chasing Cassandra lifts your heart. Alpha Night was superb in every way, and loved seeing the intricate depths of this story.


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