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I have noticed how popular cover redesigns have become the past few years most especially. Now on occasion I don’t mind a redesign, I understand why publishers, authors and marketing businesses do so. However most of these cover redesigns are just horrible and I just cringe every time I look at them and I have to look at these redesigns when I pick up my kindle and wonder why it happens so often to one title. In fact, seeing these cover redesigns are one of my biggest pet peeves when it comes to being a reading and book blogger. Now I know that everyone has some mixed thoughts on this topic. And I wish there was a way to change these covers on our own, I would love it if I have  a purchased a book to keep the original cover, or change the covers on our own to our preference. I mean I know that there IS a way to do it, but its not  legal so I wouldn’t feel right going down that road but I would like to see Amazon make it available to their kindle readers especially when covers get updated all the time and most of the time not in ways we like. Now I know there is that popular saying “Never Judge A Book By Its Cover” but you know I like my pretty looking covers and I don’t like it when they change and in fact it can be so frustrating since it happens so often. But many times, especially when an author goes to self publishing, updated covers become so “tacky” and puts my teeth on edge. Every once in a while, I would understand, but I really have issues with it. Now there have been times that I have liked both covers for different reasons and I do tend to have mixed feelings, but when I fall in love with a cover I really don’t want it to change. Now there have been times that I have loved a new cover from the old one, however this is more rare and doesn’t happen as often as I would like but it does happen, normally if an author changes publishers or takes the time to get a real good looking cover design.

Cover Redesigns I Hate

There have been two new designs for this book and I don’t like either one of them to be honest. Both have a tacky look to them, its why I prefer the original cover, and if I could replace it on my kindle with it being (legal and all) I totally would do it.

So I really don’t like the newer covers for Indigo here. I prefer the classic original cover way better, its so classic old school romance but not tacky. Just that nice romantic feel that is felt through all of this authors books and her covers.

Now this is probably one of my favorite books and series by this author and truly I don’t know WHY they would change the covers, because the orginal’s are just gorgeous all on their own. I mean I want these on my bookshelf they are so pretty so I just don’t like these new designs.

Cover Redesigns I Have Mixed Feelings For

I fell in love with this book when I first discovered romance when I was a teenager and I will admit I have mixed feelings on this. Frankly I probably prefer the original cover, because it matches the other covers in the series and it just has that older Avon romance feel to it. But the newer one here has a enthralling feel to it. With the way her dress flows and the mists surrounding the castle.

Now Silver Angel here I have a ton of mixed feelings over, and the original cover is not a cover most romance readers would like now a days. However if you are like me, and fell in love with this author early on, you will understand why I have mixed feelings on change of covers. The orginial just screams “harem romance” which is what this book is (but a very well written one if I say so myself) but the newer cover is so very lovely and I honestly like them both for different reasons.

Now my next choice is a sample from one of my all time favorite series “The Wallflowers” by Lisa Kleypas. Now I adore both covers here, but quite frankly I have a TON of mixed feelings on which one I like more.


Cover Redesigns I Love

Now I am not saying I don’t hate the original cover of Wildest Dreams…it does have a more classic romance cover theme to it but I love that Bittner has been republishing her works with Sourcebooks Casablanca and they create the most stunning of covers!!! I love these strong and passionate romantic poses with such gorgeous backdrops. All of the newer releases have been wonderful and their covers so captivating.

Now the original cover has a certain “gypsy” candle-like feel to it however it is a bit “meh”. Doesn’t really stand out, but I just love the new designed cover. So captivating. And I LOVE her dress, I would totally wear that.

My next choice is Warrior’s Woman by Johanna Lindsey. Now I am not saying I hate it. Because this is classic Lindsey cover, and looking at the cover brings back fond memories when I first picked it up and it does portray that sci fi setting with the clothing that is described in the book so it does connect to the actual story which is what I do like about older romance covers, but I adore the new cover redesign.

Now Slave To Sensation I just adore this new redesigned cover so much!!! It is so much better than the original. This is one of the best series I have ever read in PNR, but the covers for the first few books is probably what kept me from picking them up sooner.

Questions For My Readers

What Do You Feel About Cover Redesigns? Yay or Nay?

Do You Think There Should Be A Way to Switch Covers Easily on Your Readers?

11 thoughts on “Tea and Biscuits Discussions: Cover Redesigns

  1. I don’t always like when they change a cover. Sometimes they do a good job other times I have to wonder, why? For my most favorite authors I don’t like them to change at all. Most likely it’s because the original is the one that I feel in love with. Nice post, very thought provoking!

  2. I have mix d feelings about cover changes. Sometimes it’s great because the initial cover was hideous! But often I think the change is unnecessary and that just gets annoying! Great post!

  3. In most cases, I think that covers should be left alone even when I like the new cover better. I like the new Kleypas cover but the original is the one I think of when I think of that book.

  4. I’m not really fond of the cover redesigns/re-brandings. I seem to get attached to covers and I don’t like it when they go messing with things. AND what do I do when I have part of the series on my shelf and they redesign mid-series and the next books don’t match?!? *gasp* So yeah, I wish they’d leave the covers alone. 😀

  5. My thing with changing covers is that it can also trick people into thinking they haven’t read the book or if the new edition was also newly edited as well. I get that publishers who are re-releasing want to ‘brand’ the book as theirs or that authors/publishers are trying to market to a certain group or to a new group or new generation in some cases. I also agree that sometimes the new cover is vastly better or disappointingly worse. I don’t really feel that strongly about it most of the time, but I am also more of a blurb person than a cover person so take that with a grain of salt. 😉

  6. I mean, some covers are redesigned for the better but it sucks having to buy them all over again because it’s a favourite and I’m generally pretty anal about my bookshelves. Lol.

  7. Some of them I like better when the cover is changed but some make no sense at all. Then you have the ones that get changed a ton of times over a few years and you’re like wth is going on??? hahaha

  8. I really don’t like the newer covers for Indigo. They removed the people, which is annoying, but it’s also kind of offensive, because they were people of color. And I think the original is really pretty. I also do not like the redesigns for the series by Nora Roberts. I love the originals so much more. They were so pretty. I do, however, love the redesign for the Wallflower series. I’m just a sucker for the dresses. 🙂

  9. Agree, everyone is totally jumping on the cover change train and it definitely brings a lot of mixed feelings! I like both the Wallflowers series cover! I don’t like the White Lion’s Lady changes either and sad about the Indigo change. Original cover is the best! Great discussion!

  10. I often prefer the original cover, and that is one big benefit of reading paper books, they don’t change overnight! Often I hate the new ones. I actually love the older covers for the Nalini Singh books and really dislike the newer ones. Also, I prefer US covers over UK covers all the time.

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