Tea and Biscuits Book Discussions: The Month of Romance Appreciation

August is the national celebration for celebrating the love of romance and that makes it my favorite month of the year, although I don’t know about y’all but every day of the year I celebrate my love of romance. However considering that I have loved romance for years…I just realized that August was the national month to celebrate my love of this genre especially in books.

What makes reading a wonderfully written romance so fantastic and well worth the read? What makes you fall in love right along with those characters?

What’s not to love about seeing our beloved men and women find their happy ever after and especially seeing them win after facing unbeatable odds or pressing conflicts and overcoming various struggles and circumstances. I love being able to escape reality and immersing myself into a story that I know will end up happy and positive. There is an assurance in reading a romance, you just know that it will end up happily, and who doesn’t love seeing a happy ending?

When I first started reading romance, what appealed to me the most and still appeals to me, is the journey. I have adored seeing the variety that we can find in the romance genre. We know that the ending will be great, and end on a happy note, but as for the journey….anything can and does happen. Authors can be as creative as they like in whatever genre they are writing whether its contemporary, historical, paranormal, fantasy, UF, or even sci fi and YA. We see a bunch of various themes, settings and circumstances and there is always something to attract anyone to a book. I love seeing so much availability in romance, and honestly many times I go into a story thinking I KNOW what is going to happen and it will be completely different from what I am expecting. I am always in for surprises and its fantastic to see that unpredictability of never knowing what will be happening.

Reading romance has given back to me in so many ways. I love seeing the way it empowers everyone both women and men, no matter the age. The way that it shows various components. I remember growing up, in Utah, reading romance novels was considered to be wrong and evil. But quite honestly, some of the best books I have ever read are romance novels…but why? What is it about reading a good romance that gives back to us? Some view it as porn for women (which to be honest I LOATHE that term) Because I so disagree with that. Considering that I read anything with a romantic element and happy ending. For me, romance is NOT about sex, its about intimacy. I just gravitate towards a story that has a strong emotional element to it, because I love romance for the love story. Of course other aspects are icing on the cake. I have learned not to be ashamed or feel guilty for what I love to read. I no longer hide covers, I proudly display them because I love what I read and I don’t care who knows about it.

So for this month, I plan on reading the first books that made me fall in love with romance and anyone is welcome to join me. So what books do I plan on reading? Well the first books I read were from a series “Avon True Romance”. So this can be for readers that love romance both adult or even YA.

What are your plans for celebration romance appreciation this month?

What do you love most about reading romance?