Tea and Biscuits Book Discussions: Regency and Victorian Romance Series Part 2


Welcome to our continuing book series discussion. Today is part two of my top picks of Regency and Victorian romance series. This is a bit longer than last weeks post, since there were a lot more that I have loved than I had thought. If you missed out on last week click here for the link.

The Wallflowers 

The Wallflowers is one of the best series that Lisa Kleypas has created, although I do love just about every book she has written. But in the wallflowers, we have four women who forge a friendship when discovering they are all wallflowers and seek to help each other find husbands. Each woman is pretty unique. We have the beautiful Annabelle who is looking for a rich husband since her father left her family in debt. Then we have the sisters Lillian and Daisy, American Sisters. Then we have shy Evie who has suffered abuse at the hands of her family. All women find true love in ways they didn’t expect and forge a powerful bond of friendship.

Spindle Cove

The Spindle Cove Series is set in a small corner of England, each story is delightful, engaging and full of a charming town I still can’t get enough of. These books are by far the best work she has done. She has written some engaging romances that are poignant and simply wonderful. If you have yet to try them out….they are a must.

The Bridgertons 

This is such a lovely series that is set in the Regency period. This family is so entertaining. I love how close knit they are all, and each sibling is different from the others…but they still have the same stubborness and prideful natures at times. The mother holds a tight reign on her children, and like seriously I hope I can be just like her when I have kids.

Byrons of Braebourne

This is a series about war heroes that are emotionally tortured and the women that love them. These books are very engaging, witty and in depth portrayed characters. This is a fabulous author, and she writes Regency very well, and everything I have read from her has been highly entertaining. But boy she knows how to write great heroes and heroines.

Cameron Sisters 

The Cameron Sisters trilogy here is simply wonderful and oh man, I couldn’t get enough of these books. It does mix up with a bit of Scottish themes, but its not in all the books and the focus is more Regency. We have a series of romances here that you won’t be able to put down, that will grab your attention and you will be able to connect with in every way. I can’t even begin to express how much I fell in love with these books. Simply fantastic and the best this author has written. Although I have enjoyed many of her written works, but this series in my minds tops them ALL!!

Effington Family 

Oh joy…..The Effingtons…this family rocks the regency world and Victoria Alexander did such a wonderful job with each books. These books were some of my first regency’s to fall in love with, and even though I haven’t read this author much lately, these books hold a special place for me.  This family has a combination of the most regal of the Ton and a mix of royals. Unique plot lines, sensual love stories and captivating writing to keep you wanting more.

The Hathaways 

oh such a charming and UNIQUE family are the Hathways and most especially the men and women they are paired up with. These books are simply wonderful and lively and very romantic. Each story is fun and entertaining, although I will say Poppy and Harry are my favorite couple. There is something about them I can’t get enough of. I can’t count the times I have read their story. I think I love it the most is because I relate the best with Poppy, there are many things in her I see in myself. But if you haven’t picked this series up, its definitely a must.

The Inferno Club 

This series is a group of men that are part of a brotherhood, grew up together learning to fight and defend their country, and are sent through various parts of Europe to be spies and protect those they care about the most. They pose to the outside world as rakehells and scoundrels to London Society and are forbidden to share the truths behind their club to anyone. This is such a exciting series with adventure, mystery, danger and passion and this author writes an enthralling group of books.

The Duchess Diaries 

This series is quite enchanting including the spin off series that is also connected to it. Karen Hawkins has done wonders with these books and my goodness I loved every moment of these stories. I have always loved this author in the past, but she is one of those unqiue authors that writes fantastic stories over times and has improved her writing abilities. But her backlist is pretty wonderful if you want to try those out as well.

The Griffin Family 

This is a boisterous and crazy family that I loved. Suzanne Enoch is a favorite author of mine to read and I will admit I had a hard time choosing which of these was my favorite, but this family is quite enchanting.

Governess Brides 

This series by Christina Dodd is brilliant and I have a weakness for Governess themes in romance. But this series is simply wonderful, each book just as captivating as the next. I was first introduced into it when I read My Favorite Bride which is a romance with a “sound of music” theme. Only instead of a mix of boys and girls…its seven girls and our heroine of the story handles them so fabulously and handles their father even more so. All of the others books I have read have been well written and love the way this author deals with the romance of each installment.

Farleigh Sisters 

This is a trilogy, of three of my favorite books is in this trilogy!! Each book is fantastic, with fun bantering, great character development and stimulating plot lines and stunning romances. The third book is my favorite though. The hero is blind, stubborn and quite a beast at times. The heroine is strong willed and just as stubborn as he is. They make a great match.

The Brethren Guardians 

This is a trilogy by an author I recently discovered a couple of years ago. It is SO wonderful. It deals with a bit of gothic themes and some paranormal elements along with the Regency setting. Its dramatic, suspenseful and sensual. This authors writing however is superb, all three books were impossible to put down kind of reads. Once you get hooked, you literally are incapable of setting it aside.

18 thoughts on “Tea and Biscuits Book Discussions: Regency and Victorian Romance Series Part 2

  1. YES Bridgerton and the Hathaways!! I love Devil in Winter. I’m so excited that there’s more Spindle Cove! I haven’t read Enoch’s Griffin Family, but I really like her new Scottish series. Great list!

    1. Devil In Winter is AMAZING!! I am a bit nervous about more Spindle Cove though, since I haven’t liked her newest series that much. So we will see how they end up becoming. Love Suzanne Enoch especially her backlist.

  2. You make all these series sounds so good! I especially like the sound of the Wallflower series, with the four friends and how they are going to help each other find a husband. Adding the first book to my to-read list! The Spindle cove series sounds good too! Great list!

  3. And again a list that I haven’t read any from. LOL. But I do have both the Lisa Kleypas series and the Bridgertons books on my pile so I will eventually rectify that. I like that you say why these are great series for you. Now I want to read even more of them, but I will wait until I catch up on the existing pile 😉

  4. The only series here I’ve started is Spindle Cove, and it’s amazing. I have only read the first two books, and I’m kind of holding on to the others for when I know I want / need a great HR as a pick-me-up 🙂
    I’ll have to check out all these other series you mention too, Renee, thanks for sharing!

  5. The Wallflowers, Spindle Cove, The Bridgertons and The Hathaways are all top picks for me too. I have read The Brethren Guardians but I didn’t particularly like the first book but loved the other two. Among my other top favourite series are Elizabeth Hoyt’s Maiden Lane, Courtney Milan’s Turner, Anna Campbell’s Sons of Sin, Loretta Chases’s Carsington Brothers and Dressmakers, Jennifer Ashley’s Mackenzies and McBrides, Victoria Vane’s The Devil DeVere and Catherine Anderson’s Comanche.

  6. There are so many talented authors to choose from on your list! This list is perfect for readers who are looking for true historical-romances. I adore nearly all of the writers listed and have read most of these novels. Although I haven’t read anything by Charlotte Featherstone, but I am will certainly be checking out these books!

  7. You chose so many series that I love! My favorites from this list are the Wallflowers, Hathaways, Bridgertons, Fairleigh Sisters, and Spindle Cove. I need to read the last Byrons of Braebourne book and I completely forgot about the Griffins! I need to re-read those. I still want to get into the Effingtons, Inferno Club, and more of the Duchess Diaries. Such a great post!

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