Tea and Biscuits Book Discussions: Football Romance Galore!

Welcome everyone to another Tea and Biscuits Book Discussions where we talk anything dealing with books, reading, blogging and more!!

Today I I am discussing football romance….which is one of my favorite themes in contemporary romance to read. I really do love all sports romance, but football is my favorite sport of all time so I love reading books that feature football players as our heroes.

This is a slow burn romance, and one of the BEST I have ever read. I truly loved this pairing here. Our heroine is sassy and simply delightful. Our hero is hardworking and dedicating to paving his own success. And this book really emulated how much work pro players actually put themselves through and admired how this author portrayed this.

This is such a full of life romance and I will be honest the COVER drew me to this however the book is  delicious and sexy and everything you would expect in a sexy sports romance. I like the unexpected pairing that we find here, and it really works perfectly in the end.

This BOOK is simply fabulous and you could never go wrong in picking up this book here. Its is college romance, but one of my favorites in the NA sub genre. Its a page turner, well supported cast of characters, lots of smexy scenes to delight in and plenty of laughs!! You just can’t go wrong with this one here.

Anyone that lives in a rivalry area will UNDERSTAND this book in every way. So many elements I related with as I do live in one of the most heated rivalry’s in the country. This book features a famous one in the midwest….Michigan and Ohio State. And boy this book was packed with so much forbidden love and delicious fun!! I had so much fun with this and I know you will too!!

This was such a lively romance guaranteed to give you plenty of laughs and great moments. Featuring a sportscaster and  a quarterback. There is so much vibrant chemistry between these two and I gurantee you will have a ball of delight while reading it!!

This is such a sweet and sexy read and Ihave had a blast with this whole series so far. There is quite a bit of sexual tension that is built up in this one as this is a Unrequited Love trope. The heroine so doesn’t see anything good in our hero Will as she just sees the famous player and not the man but eventually she sees the light and see the incredible man that Will is.

What are your favorite football themed romances that you love the most??!!