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Tea and Biscuits Book Discussions: Favorite Novella’s and Anthologies

by | Mar 12, 2018 | Tea and Biscuits Discussions | 0 comments

I will admit that I do prefer to read full length novels over novella’s….hands down, however there are a few books out there that I have loved and they ended up being a novella or being a part of a anthology so I just wanted to share these lovely romances with you all because they rock.

I adore this book so much, and it was one of my first anthologies and I fell in love. These authors are all wonderful to read, and they are just perfect if you want to delve into some medieval era romances that deals with those fun knight heroes.

I am such a fan of Emma Cane, every book she writes I adore but I will say that before hand I was pretty nervous about picking this one up and it was FANTASTIC!! I loved it so much, the romance was so cute and surprisingly it didn’t feel as short as it was. And plus I can never resist a sexy cowboy.

I adore Cam and Avery, and yes this novella is very short, and I believe you can read it for free through goodreads, so if you are a fan of this series and especially this couple, you should go check it out. But I loved seeing my favorite couple celebrating and getting engaged and it just made me giddy and happy inside.

This is one of my favorite novella’s by Singh. And I just want to mention that Nalini Singh writes some of the best NOVELLA’s….she just makes them not seem too short even if they are, you still feel like the romance isn’t rushed. And I adored this book, and I can’t count the times I have re read this one. I just love this pairing, and one of the most unique pairs in the series. So if you haven’t read this one yet and love the Psy Changeling series…grab this one up.

Lorraine Heath is one of those classic romance authors that I will always pick up 🙂 This was an amazing novella, and it features the “doctor” in this series, and honestly this is one of my favorite regency series to read, and so to have one of my favorite side characters to get his own story was simply marvelous and I had a blast with this book and it left me with a smile.

I just love this couple….Cat and Bones are just a hoot together and this book was such a kick for me because I loved seeing them celebrate the holidays together and deal with some villain too, and they kick ass together in such a empowering way.

Tessa Dare did a brilliant job with this one, and it was a five star read which is rare for a novella but this book has characters that strike straight to your heart, you just connect so easily with them and it was fun to reconnect with this series and this charming town.

I LOVE this book so much, I can’t honestly tell you how much I adore Ian and Beth and everytime we get moments with them, I just immerse myself because they are one of the best couples to read. We see the family celebrating Christmas together, and seeing Beth and Ian overcome a challenge in their marriage. Simple so fun and hilarious too 🙂

I LOVE this book here, each novella in this anthology is fantastic. All of these authors are fantastic to read here, and if you are a fan of endearing holiday romances….then grab this up because I love how unique each book is.

There are quite a few novella’s that we see with this series that involve one couple Cyn and Raphael. I LOVE these two so much, and seeing them fight together and get stronger in their relationship is fantastic.

This another case that I have found delight in a certain author that creates some strong novella’s that you become charmed with. Jennifer Haymore’s writing is endearing, and I love how she handles regency romance, and this novella was so likable and this pair is a pair you can easily cheer for.

This is a book that introduces us to the series and this charming town that this series and other series by Feehan that is featured. And we get to see the fun dynamics between these seven sisters who each have unique gifts. This is Damon and Sarah’s book. Sarah is the oldest, and Damon is a scientist. Damon is suffering from some trauma and is seeking peace and is drawn to the Drake house.

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