Sunday Post (20)

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This week has been so busy for me. My boss and two other employees may have gotten Covid. So I worked 50 hours this past week and this week it will probably be closer to 60 if they all do have it. I am hoping its just the seasonal flu which is common in October. But boy working 12 hour days is not fun with the mask let me tell y’all. I have been getting the worst headaches almost daily because of it. But I am trying to stay positive and pray they don’t have Covid because I can’t run the place with just four of us LOL But I guess if they do I will just deal with it best as I can. I have been able to read some. I haven’t had energy for anything else and my studies are suffering. I am going to try to focus on my studies more this week to catch up. Hope you are all well and healthy though.

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