Elite Romance: New Series of 2019

Welcome to another day of Elite Romance!!! Its been so much fun sharing with you all my favorite books and so today we are talking about new series that I am hooked on that I fell in love with

The Last Platoon

OOH!! This book was such a great beginning and I am excited to return to this series because boy did I love how McCarty wrote this romantic suspense. She did great with her historical series and she conquered this book in my opinion. Had me on edge all the way through. I need more of these boys.

Moon Shifter

This author I have been wanting to read more of. And the first book Alpha Instinct was one wildin’ page turner let me tell you. This book I found free on Amazon and what a fabulous freebie and I need more of this sexy paranormal fun time.

Women Who Dare

Even though this series is connected to the Le Veq family and many of her other historical’s….this is the start of a new series and what a fabulous beginning to what I am sure will be a grand adventure that the QUEEN Bev Jenkins will be taking us on.

The Nordic Royals

This is such a fun series and I read ALL of this trilogy within just a week. I just love these books, and they got me back into reading Karina Halle. Fun, light and sexy fun. You really can’t go wrong with this series.


I have seen this series around for a while and I knew I had to try it and quite good for NA, I was quite impressed with it.

The Perfect Gentlemen

Such a great beginning to a fabulous series, I really love the suspense and intrigue that is put into play and the villain I am still not sure about since I am only halfway through the series. But I am eager to finish the series up in 2020!!! If you haven’t read this book yet….buy it now and read….I command of ye!!

Hades Hangmen

The Hades Hangmen series is dark, gritty and emotionally driven. This is NOT for the faint of heart. But it does deal with something real that is happening in our society that is very unknown and needs to be addressed.

New Camelot Trilogy

This BOOK and really this whole trilogy is fantastic and I can’t recommend it enough. Truly epic and beautiful.

This Man

It took me long enough to read this but I finally read it and despite my issues it was fabulous still and I can see why its so popular.

Lark Cove

This series is so wonderful, and I am loving the setting so much and honestly you can never go wrong in choosing Devney Perry.

Colorado Mountain

This SERIEs….*sigh* I fell deeply in love with and couldn’t stop until I reached the end honestly. These books are so wonderful and all the amazing pairings I couldn’t get enough of. Loved the healthy masculinity I saw in the heroes

Love Mark

The first book to this series was so amazing and fed my hunger for Epic Fantasy Romance and so well done and this love triangle….I actually LOVED!!! Yes you heard right, I loved it trust me once you read it you will understand why I loved it and I know you will too

NOLA Knights

This book was SO SO good and I honestly am so curious to see where Morgan is going to tak this series and I have a good feeling its going to be badass in the only way she can do it.

Devil You Know

This series starts out with a strong female friendship and I was on board with it very quickly and Byrne is going to go far with this new series and seeing the adventures of these women. I can’t wait.

Feminine Pursuits

This book …..all I can say is WOW!!! I was really blown away by the beauty of this book. You need to read it if you haven’t, I promise you won’t be disappointed

Eastside Brewery

What I truly loved about the beginning of this new series and this book was seeing the truths of these inner cities and the inner turmoil many people have to battle within themselves in trying to craft a better future for themselves. Very humbling.