Elite Romance: Swoony Pairs

Ian and Veritas

I loved these two together and I have high hopes for future books in seeing them find their way together.

Dominic and Drew

I loved seeing the growth and trust build between these two, I have so much affection for this pairing. One of my favorites this author has done.

Khai and Esme

These two are so beautiful together, they have their struggles of course, but so memorable in what they overcome.


Faye and Chace

These two are perfection together, I really liked seeing how Ashley wrote this unique pairing. I related so well with the heroine and I love having a shy heroine get her HEA. Even if the hero is a idiot at first. lol

Vittorio and Grace

Such a great pairing we have together, both strong and independent but together they become remarkable.

Matthew and Fancy

I so adored these two together, such a sweet couple together, a very heartwarming feel good romance.

What couples made you top pairings for the year of 2019?