At A Glance: Month of November 2020

So the month of November has PASSED and I can’t believe that we are coming on the last month of the year. November was a month of preparing for Thanksgiving and I had a feeling of being in limbo, our family wasn’t even sure what we were doing until the day before LOL But I found the month of November to be a month of thanks and humble gratitude. My church leader, came out with a beautiful message #GiveThanks and I have seen so many friends and family come out with daily messages of what they are thankful for. It gave me such joy to see this happen in the month of November. As far as reading I have slowly been getting back into the swing of reading but its been a slow month for me. But I have a feeling December will definitely pick up. Goodreads Reading Challenge: 229/200 books complete,

Romanceopoly 2020: 17/50


How has your month of November been? Did you have a good Thanksgiving? What were some of your favorite picks for reading? Let me know in the comments below!