At A Glance: Month of August 2017

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What a month August was here. It just flew by so quickly, and way faster than I thought that it would. For me personally, it was a month of craziness and some ups and downs. I finally got my car fixed and it was only my battery—cost more to tow than to actually fix hehe But boy is it nice to have a working car again and to be mobile. No more washing my clothes by hand or carrying bags of groceries in a dangerous part of town, or using the bus. I definitely have come to appreciate having a car more. I am excited to be moving soon though. My lease is up so going to move to a better and more safe neighborhood. Last October when I moved to Dallas, I didn’t know the safe neighborhoods from the not so good ones and had the bad luck of moving into one of the ghetto’s. And considering I got robbed this past month, I can’t wait to be in a better place. Still looking for another job though. But I do have some interviews this week so *crossing fingers*. This past week has been crazy though. I am saddened by what has happened to south Texas. But I am also so thrilled to see how many people have come together during this crisis.

As for the reading and the blog here its been a decent month. I did get some pretty good books read, and I have been trying to be better about commenting more. I am pretty excited for fall though and so many books coming up. This upcoming month my goal is to bring more balance to my reading and get caught up more on my reading challenges. I have been reading quite a few ARC’s this past month. And I just know if I read too many I am going to be burnt out soon. So I am planning on focusing more books that I have on my kindle, or books I own that I want to read but haven’t gotten around to. I have missed reading some older romances and received some good ones through open library.

What about you? What are your plans for September? Did you have a good reading month in August?

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