Book Love (70) Highland Enchantment

As children three cousins made a wish for true love upon a magical dragon amulet, little realizing how daring their destinies would be as Highland Brides

Rachel Forbes had never wed, for none compared to Liam, the love of her childhood. But Rachel was high-born and Liam an orphan, so marriage was impossible. Now grown, a chance meeting unites Rachel with the man of her heart, and it seems their destinies are entwined once more, for Liam is her rescuer and she must keep him by her side if she is to stay alive.

Liam is tempted beyond all reason by Rachel. She has the eyes of a saint, the smooth skin of a princess . . . and lips he cannot resist kissing. He knows he has no name or family to offer — but given the eternity he has endured without her, does he dare risk the consequences of claiming her innocence and promising her a lifetime of love?

Why Highland Enchantment?

This is a mix of historical and paranormal romance and boy does Lois Greiman deliver a story. I read this one years ago, and I still remember how much I enjoyed this book. It was one of the first books I read from this author. There is a introduction to a wonderful highlander culture, captivating characters, and a sensual romance!!

9 thoughts on “Book Love (70) Highland Enchantment

  1. Great choice! I remember reading this when it came out and I think it was the first book I read that mixed historical and paranormal. It was really interesting!

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