Tea and Bisquits Book Discussions: Resolutions


I always love every year making goals and seeing what I want to aim for, for the upcoming year. Here are my blogging and personal resolututions.

Blogging Goals for 2016 

  • reorganize my goodreads shelves-this might take a couple of months considering how many books I have on my shelves hehe for a while now my shelves have been bothering me, mostly because I am such a organized person, and I want to be more specific in the labeling of my shelves and I have already started doing it this weekend, and its been so fun reconnecting with books that I had forgotten about.
  • Finish transferring reviews- I am just about finished with it. I only have about six months left of 2014 and I will be completely finished getting them into my UBB plugin. I can’t wait till its done.
  • Celebrate my Blogiversary. I haven’t ever really done for it in all these years I have run this blog. Shame on me though. So I am hoping to do it and have a fun giveaway too!! So stay tuned in for that.
  • Be more consistent on Goodreads. This past year I spent more time transferring my site to a self hosted site, and trying to get it cleaned up, polished, and having the design I was aiming for. But I have been neglecting Goodreads and my goal is to spend more time on it since I used to spend so much on it and I miss being on it more.
  • Doing more on social media and commenting on other blogs. But not too much, aiming for a balance in life. Just a bit of time every day through blogs, facebook, twitter and goodreads.

Personal Goals for 2016 

  • living a more healthy lifestyle—my plan is to start on weight watchers again and be more consistent with it. Find a way to eat healthy and save money while doing it. And I also plan on working out every day. I plan on doing mostly pilates, and using my hand bar bells and doing workouts from home. I love how more happy and energetic I feel when I do these two things. So I want to return back to it, and I wouldn’t complain if I end up having a fit and toned body. But the one problem I have had over the past year with doing this is motivation. I have had to do quite a bit of dental work on my teeth but I am getting a tooth pulled this week and then all the major stuff will be done and I can begin working out the way I need and want to. But already starting a pinterest board on fitness motivation.
  • spending more time with family-I plan on leaving this summer or fall, and I don’t know where life will take me, so want to enjoy as much time as I can with my family.
  • finish my program and save as much money as I possibly can so that when a job internship comes available for me I can relocate right then.
  • simplify my life—get rid of things in my home that I don’t need or use and just take up space.
  • learn how to bake homemade bread and how to make jam. I still haven’t ever learned this, but already made plans with my mother to fix it


Questions For My Readers 

What do you think of goals and resolutions? Do you like them or hate them? 

What are your goals for the year of 2016? 

27 thoughts on “Tea and Bisquits Book Discussions: Resolutions

    1. Thanks!! I joined up last year and really loved it!! And there are so many delicious recipes on there that are fun and healthy and tasty. And it really works if you are consistent with it. But what I love most is how they promote a healthy and balanced life including what you eat. So I can still eat my chocolate and sweets while being healthy too.

      1. The healthy but delicious recipe part is what I need to work on this year. I tend to fall back on the unhealthy and delicious when I’m in a rush haha I’ll have to give WW a go in a few months to see what I think 🙂

  1. I enjoy making resolutions and golas, even if I might not reach them all. I think it’s nice to think of what you want to achieve and change in a year and try to achieve that.

    Good luck with your goals. Organizing your goodreads shelves sounds like a daunting task, sometimes I consider adding new shelves, but it would be so much effort to go through all the books I alreayd shelved and see if I need to add them to the new shelf, so I usually just leave things as they are.
    I only celebrated my blogoversary once and I definitely plan on celebrating it again one day, maybe this year or the next. I love homemade bread, but I hate baking bread for some reason. So I think it’s great you want to learn that and making your own jam sounds so cool! Good luck!

    1. They are pretty fun to make and see what you push yourself to accomplish! Oh it is considering i have 6,000 books on my shelves hehe but I just plan on using all my spare time in doing it and I hope it won’t take longer than a month or two. But I love how much more organized it feels. So in the long run it will be good….but it will be a pain for a short while.

      oh really? My mom always has fun with it, especially if you have frustrations to work out LOL But I love the taste of it, and its way better than anything you find at the store at least where I live. And I can’t wait for the jam….should be fun to learn.

  2. I don’t make many resolutions, as I never keep them and I know it. I did make some reading resolutions, and I do try very hard to keep those. i want to get through my backlist of 8000 blog e-mails, write reviews quicker, and be more on social media. As i have put away my head ache inducing tablet (good bye HayDay addiction) I should have some more time for that.

    1. reading resolutions are always a great way to go!!! I am planning on being a wedding planner. Where I live, well 95% plan their own weddings and go the cheap way route. Its not a great way to build a career so I will probably end up going to a big city. But its very exciting and I am looking forward to having a change and some adventure.

  3. I’m all for goals, I’ve set a couple for myself blog wise and personally. I’m not much of a fan of resolutions, they never seem to work for me, lols. But the goals I set for 2016 I’m sticking with.

  4. Great goals! I’m aiming to simplify and organize some things this year in my personal life as well.

    I really need to work on re-organizing my books on Goodreads as well. I feel like I have a few random shelves that I don’t use that I should get rid of. Good luck with all your resolutions this year!

    1. That is great. I love being organized….makes life go more smoothly. I know its going to take me a while to organize my goodreads shelves since I have so many books…but it will be so much easier in the end. Hope you are successful in your goals this year.

  5. Good luck lady for your resolutions, I never take any lol I can’t keep them in the end but I try to do the best.

  6. I’m a list maker so I am definitely a fan of goals. I have a few of my own. I like how you got specific. I find that really helps me go a long way toward finishing my goals. My biggest reading goal is to cut my review pile in half and my TBR pile by 10%. I also plan to stay within my book budget and stop reading a book if I’m not feeling it.
    Personally, I am returning to working out every other day, finish my research and re-write an older story, and take one day each week to unplug from electronic devices. Eating healthier is ongoing for me.

    Good luck to all of us with goals.

    1. oh those are great goals sophia!!! I am pretty strict with my book budget till the summer. Moving to another state is expensive so basically all the books I will read will be library books and arc’s but I also am aiming to work on my tbr. So even arc’s I get, would be books I would buy personally. So trying to be more firm on what I read too. And having specific goals is what helps you achieve them. I think its a great idea to step back from electronic devices.

  7. I’m generally not huge on New Year Resolutions, but I ABSOLUTELY LOVE making them in regards to my reading and blogging life. I really need to get back into updating my old reviews. And I really need to organize Goodreads better, too.

  8. Good luck with all your blogging and personal goals for 2016. 🙂 I prefer goals over resolutions since that makes me feel like I can continue working at it rather than failing. 😉 I also would like to organize my GR shelves but it will definitely take some time. Happy 2016!!

  9. I love writing goals though I’m usually really bad at sticking with them. I am obsessed with organizing my Goodreads shelves. I’m always adding or redoing them…helps me keep old reads in my head. One of my big goals is to get switched to my own self-hosted site sometime this year. I have the domain and am just working on the transfer process. Unfortunately, I have no idea what I’m doing so it is taking more time than I would like. Good luck with all of your goals this year!!

  10. I hope you get a chance to really focus on your goals! I LOVE setting goals. The problem for me in the past is that they are too grandiose and I set myself up for failure.

    I too plan on working through my GoodReads and UBB reviews. I haven’t really written out any goals but I do have ideas as to what I would like to do in 2016. I think I’ll try in get them into words by the end of the month! 🙂

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