Tea and Bisquits Book Discussions: Resolutions


I always love every year making goals and seeing what I want to aim for, for the upcoming year. Here are my blogging and personal resolututions.

Blogging Goals for 2016 

  • reorganize my goodreads shelves-this might take a couple of months considering how many books I have on my shelves hehe for a while now my shelves have been bothering me, mostly because I am such a organized person, and I want to be more specific in the labeling of my shelves and I have already started doing it this weekend, and its been so fun reconnecting with books that I had forgotten about.
  • Finish transferring reviews- I am just about finished with it. I only have about six months left of 2014 and I will be completely finished getting them into my UBB plugin. I can’t wait till its done.
  • Celebrate my Blogiversary. I haven’t ever really done for it in all these years I have run this blog. Shame on me though. So I am hoping to do it and have a fun giveaway too!! So stay tuned in for that.
  • Be more consistent on Goodreads. This past year I spent more time transferring my site to a self hosted site, and trying to get it cleaned up, polished, and having the design I was aiming for. But I have been neglecting Goodreads and my goal is to spend more time on it since I used to spend so much on it and I miss being on it more.
  • Doing more on social media and commenting on other blogs. But not too much, aiming for a balance in life. Just a bit of time every day through blogs, facebook, twitter and goodreads.

Personal Goals for 2016 

  • living a more healthy lifestyle—my plan is to start on weight watchers again and be more consistent with it. Find a way to eat healthy and save money while doing it. And I also plan on working out every day. I plan on doing mostly pilates, and using my hand bar bells and doing workouts from home. I love how more happy and energetic I feel when I do these two things. So I want to return back to it, and I wouldn’t complain if I end up having a fit and toned body. But the one problem I have had over the past year with doing this is motivation. I have had to do quite a bit of dental work on my teeth but I am getting a tooth pulled this week and then all the major stuff will be done and I can begin working out the way I need and want to. But already starting a pinterest board on fitness motivation.
  • spending more time with family-I plan on leaving this summer or fall, and I don’t know where life will take me, so want to enjoy as much time as I can with my family.
  • finish my program and save as much money as I possibly can so that when a job internship comes available for me I can relocate right then.
  • simplify my life—get rid of things in my home that I don’t need or use and just take up space.
  • learn how to bake homemade bread and how to make jam. I still haven’t ever learned this, but already made plans with my mother to fix it


Questions For My Readers 

What do you think of goals and resolutions? Do you like them or hate them? 

What are your goals for the year of 2016?