Tea and Biscuits: Irish Romances To Read In March

Tea and Biscuits is a meme that I created for every Monday to discuss various topics in the blogging world with the focus being romance. These topics can be just about anything that delve into the romance genre. Today I would like to discuss my favorite books that features Irish heroes and heroines in romance novels. This is a shorter list as I haven’t read that many. But I do love books set in Ireland and boy especially Irish heroes are my catnip.

I love this book so much, Cam Rohan is our gypsy Irish hero and he is delicious.

This book is fantastic and I love the setting here. Its set in Edinburg (which is a beautiful City) and I adored the hero and heroine in this book.

This is one of my favorite books from this author, a sexy Irish river pirate who works in London’s underground (I had to share the stepback because this scene is gorgeous) But this book is so SWOONY and just melts my  heart every time I read it. I love it so I own it both in print and ebook format. I would love to try out the audio one of these days.

I adore this book and is one of my favorites from this author. The hero in this book is such a rake, bastard son of the Prince  or also known as “Prinny” and is on a quest for vengeance but finds love instead. I love him because he makes his own wealth and the heroine is awesome too. She is very spirited (she shoots at the hero in the first chapter, super funny)

This book is FANTASTIC and really this whole series is one of my favorites when reading sexy kilted warriors, but this book has a unique Irish feel to it.

This book definitely has a sexy celtic feel to it especially since the hero has a Irish background. Its a paranormal shifter romance, and one of my favorite books in PNR. I can’t tell you how many times I have re read this one.

This is such a lovely story, that features a “road trip adventure” when the hero and heroine travel together to find her sister who has been kidnapped. But boy these two are great together, The hero is an ex smuggler and the heroine is a spinster who has a limp. And the barn scene is my favorite part of the book.

Brenda Joyce is always so fun to read and this is a great one from her. Both the hero and heroine are Irish, the hero is a pirate captain who kidnaps the heroine. The hero is a master game player and love seeing this hardened pirate fall in love.


This is such a fun book and full of adventure and is a sweeping tale. Love how Maxwell handled this story and especially these characters.