Tea and Biscuits Discussions: What is missing from Historical Romance?

There are many aspects of historical romance that I have found missing in recent years, aspects that made me fall in love with that genre in the first place. Many who are knew to the genre, probably won’t understand what I am talking about. But what I see in latest historical’s is depth and connection to the story, in many ways they are too light and fluffy and very unrealistic at times; almost too sugar coated.  I love seeing a story that is tough and gritty and full of deep emotion that a reader can easily connect with. I have started to see this more in contemporary and even a bit in paranormal, but I feel like historical has the greatest potential to be more than what it has been the last few years.

I would love to see more variety in historical romance. I have seen a ton of regency romance, a little highlander and not much of other sub genres that made historical romance so fun to read. What I think has been good though this past year, is seeing old romances be republished and it has been a reminder of what I have been missing from historical romance. There are many sub genres of historical romance, and some of my favorite authors have delved deeped into these such as Kathleen Woodiwiss and Johanna Lindsey. Now not everyone will be a fan of these authors, because quite frankly—they write tough book that are realistic and portray what life was really like and not sugarcoating it. (which in my opinion happens way too often these days) But I love seeing a bunch of variety in stories like these examples: westerns, highlands, medievals, pirates, vikings, native american, the islands, australian, harems and deserts, civil war and colonial , french revolution and the renaissance. This is one of the main reasons I have started reading older romances, because I miss seeing these settings.

I am hoping in the near future that this will change, that I will see more depth and a story I can get into easily that tests my emotions and takes me back to various time periods and different cultures.

If any of my readers are interested in reading some of the older romances, feel free to check out openlibrary.org. It has many romances, that are free to download on your e reader. This site digitally copies these books, very different experience when reading an ebook because its like having a paperback on your e reader.

Questions For My Readers? 

Is there something more you want to see out of historical romance? 

Do you have a favorite sub genre to read?