Tea and Biscuits Book Discussions: Which E Reader Do You Love The Most?


There are quite a few e readers out there now a days, and many different ways you can read e books! When I first started looking for one, it was just kindle or the nook. That was it!! Of course, this was when e books were just coming out, and back then I was strolling around B&N, and I came across the Nook Color. So I bought it, because back then its not like I had 2 day shipping with Amazon and just didn’t want to wait a couple of weeks for a reader. So I grabbed up what was more convenient really and I had always respected the brick book sellers. I really liked it for the most part. Then Barnes and Noble started to come out with more tablet formats of NOOKs, and I started to dislike e reading at times. I am not a fan of reading on Tablets, and so with lots of frustration over the past couple of years I decided to switch to the Kindle. Which I love better. I wish I had tried the Ink E Readers earlier, and I don’t know why I didn’t. Many complain about the lack of color. But they aren’t suppose to have color from the research I have done. But whichever type of e reader you go with, you need to love. There are pros and cons to both kinds whether its a tablet or e reader. Each company does them different.

Ink E Readers

61HyaQ+pAsL._SL1000_Amazon has four different ink e readers: so if you want to go through a kindle ou definitely have to choose which one works for you. I chose the paperwhite, since its still the most popular of them and most affordable with what it offers. The Voyage and Oasis have the same software as the paperwhite does but have a different light and screen and the oasis has a better battery life. But I have noticed that the paperwhite still has a good battery life. If you have a kindle—which one do you have and what do you love or hate about it? Personally, I just received it this week, so still playing around with it, but I have already read three books on it and LOVE the experience of it. Its so different and I even found a way to transfer my nook books to kindle which was great. I love how during the day, on zero light it looks like a printed book. Its definitely very different from what I am used to.  And its way lighter than any e reader or tablet I have ever had. I think even my iphone. Barnes and Noble and Kobo both have ink e readers as well. I didn’t really look into Kobo that much, the only advantage it has over the others is the fact that it is waterproof…but I do know of a company That can waterproof your kindle for you but it takes over a month. I do know that there are others ways to waterproof, for example I have a friend that has a kindle, so when she wants to read in the tub, she just puts hers in a sealed zip loc bag and it protects it perfectly. Because the screen is different from tablets, so you can still turn pages through the plastic. Then B&N have the Glow—this is a popular one, and I did think about getting this one. However with the changes B&N have been making for the digital items, I decided against it. Personally, what I like about Amazon over the other book sellers, is the variety of books they have.


Now Tablets can be neat to have especially if you get a Fire or an Ipad or even the Nook has a nice look to it. But they are VERY distracting for readers. At least they have been for me. I have had the Nook Tablet for two years now, and I have become frustrated, because the focus is not books or reading. Its more apps. Those are nice, but for me personally, I have a phone and I have all apps I need or want on there. I didn’t really have to think much about the Fire, to be honest. It has a good price, but like I said Tablets aren’t designed for reading. But they can be nice if you are on a long trip and you want to play a game or watch a movie. It just depends on the person, and what they are looking for.


So my question for my readers are: 

What E Reading type do you love Tablet or Ink E Reader?

What device to you love the most? Kindle or a NOOK—-Or are you a Kobo fan or like using the diversity of a Tablet?