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Tea and Biscuits Book Discussions: TV Shows That I Binge On

by | Sep 17, 2018 | Tea and Biscuits Discussions | 0 comments

Lately I have been seeing so many posts on latest and current and past favorites of many readers and bloggers on what TV they love to watch. And I wanted to share the ones that I love to binge watch on. Some of these are older, some are current. But I don’t believe I have ever shared what I love to watch in my spare time, working on my blog or doing research.

I grew up watching this show and its SO so GOOD!! I could watch this one all the dang time here. Its addictive, and endearing and I love this family as we see them grow from getting through the depression and through world war II. Its a feel good show that is based on a true family that lived in Virginia. My favorite character is Grandpa 🙂 And those that have seen this show know exactly why. And its on Amazon Prime right now so go watch it!!

This is the MOST addicting show EVER!!! I swear when I was in college, my folks were watching the fifth season, towards the end, and I watched 20 mins and I wanted to OWN every season. Its simply wonderful and POOR Jack Bauer.

I just love everything Tom Selleck is in, and when I heard about this show I immediately grabbed it up and I love everything about it. Its show the good and the bad of being a cop. And this family…they are hilarious. I love their family dinners, the fun bantering between them and the growth of this family.

I grew up on this show and I still love it just as much. Its a show that I can watch anytime day or night. This show makes you see the good in human beings and what they are capable of. I love the adventures and mysteries and the great world building that is created and how it has evolved is fantastic. My favorite is Capt. Jean Luc Picard!!

This is a show that MAKES me laugh upside down and sideways….I love it so much except for the last episode. Nope….didn’t like how it turned out I just imagine that episode didn’t exist. hehe But everything else I LOVED. Its hilarious and geeky but also has a great plot to it. If you don’t know about this show. Chuck, is a nerd, works on fixing computers and such. But then his friend from college, sends him a computer file, which downloads all the nations secrets into his brain. And now he is in danger, so he gets two agents that come out to protect him and there is a romance 🙂 So Win Win.

I LOVE this show so much. And it has some great actors. I love this set up of the show. If you haven’t heard of this show its about, a evolving disease that is sweeping through the world killing anyone infected. There is one U.S. Battleship, doing manuevers in the Arctic, not realizing what is happening and the scientist on board is searching for a cure.

This is a great show where you get to see both side to the life of being part of a black ops unit.

I got hooked on this show when I was in Junior High and LOVED it so much. I just adored the closeness between the sisters here and they all find their happy endings at the end of the series.

This is a new series and I LOVE it, David Boreanaz plays such a great military man (From Bones) Such a great group of SEAL’s here and so intense.

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