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Tea and Biscuits Book Discussions- Summer Vibes Book Tag

by | Aug 10, 2020 | Tea and Biscuits Discussions | 0 comments

Tea and Biscuits is a weekly meme post where there is talk of topics ranging from blogging to read and anything in between. So come and join in on the discussion and share your thoughts and ideas and lets DISCUSS!!!

So today I wanted to do something fun and since I haven’t done a book tag in a while I figured it was time to do a seasonal one–where we are going to celebrate the summertime fun. This summer has been a struggle for us all, and I feel like with it being the beginner of August, its the last month to read enjoy this season and just gives me all the fun vibes of the season.

I love the setting of this book and really this whole book is amazing….a bunch of islands and in the sea —so I adored that theme of it. And has the perfect summer like feel to it.

There is a strong music tone to this one, and those who have read it know exactly what it is. The heroine is deaf but she can feel the vibrations of music and it awakens a new world for her. So beautiful.

There is a secret that the hero has kept from the heroine and is what has for the most part kept them apart. It is revealed about half way which was nice to not have it dragged all the way out but revealed earlier in the story.

This story is really focused near coastal and beach like settings. From the beginning when they meet in Europe and then later where they have a home on the coast. Just loved that theme that we see there. And one of the best reads of the year for me.

I did a re read and buddy read of this one a couple weeks ago and quite frankly I do a re read of this series about every year…its my guilty pleasure. I love how these books are written and seeing a couple have a story that spans 20 years in one book. From the first book to the last book in the series its about 40 years combined and so neat seeing them fall in love, raise a family and overcome challenges together.

I adore the friendship that we see here between friends. Its superb in every way. I just love male friendships especially. I feel like we don’t see them enough in romance, and adore seeng them support each other so much in these books.

This story is a road trip adventure, where we see them traveling to different lands throughout the story. Very fun to see it happen especially with these characters and also seeing loved side characters from previous books.

This book just made me mad LOL I ended up DNF’ing it. I honestly have read two books from this author and I think the style is just not for me. I am SO not a fan of politics in romance–especially with politics being such a forefront right now, I just need a break from it and her books that I have read so far, are so politically strong where it overcomes the actual story and romance. Like I felt like I was being given a lecture and not reading a romance.  So I really struggled with this one, because it just ended up turning my stomach.

Loved the warmth and charm of this story, simply adorable seeing this story (novella) and I really fell hard for this pairing. Alyssa Cole is queen in my book.

There is a side character in this one that I just wanted to shake some sense into and he causes so many problems for our pair. He does end up being good in the very end, but through most of it, he was so conceited and almost power hungry and I struggled with that and seeing what he does to these characters.


I had a blast with this tag and these books I focused more over what I have read more recently, so it was fun to look at these fun summer vibes and man I need to be around some sunshine and water–I think swimming is ahead in my near future. What did you think of this book tag? Feel free to use it if you like 🙂

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