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Tea and Biscuits Book Discussions: Spring Releases To Look Forward To

by | Mar 5, 2018 | Tea and Biscuits Discussions | 0 comments

Welcome to another bookish discussion and today’s topic will be sharing those spring books that will be coming out that I am super excited for!!! I just love spring time and we have some great releases that I can hardly wait for here!!

I am in love with this author and this series has been fantastic. I know there are have been mixed reviews, but I am In LOVE With this family. They are a hoot and I love how they are so supportive of each other and protect each other so fiercely especially when you see what these siblings have suffered when they were younger. So I can’t wait to read this one, Especially with it being Giovanni as the hero. I do love my bad boys. 🙂

I still need to read book one, however I will be pre ordering this one for sure!! I just love this author and the blurb for this one sounds so interesting. A hero that has been jilted, and a heroine protecting a child….yes I am super stoked for this one and plus what a sexy cover.

So I am officially in love with this series, and yeah the books aren’t exactly five star books…but they are fun and amusing and the type of writing I can’t ever put down. This author just always works for me even though we get some crazy stunts happen. And these brothers are so amazing and I can hardly wait Gage’s Book.

I love and adore this shifter unbound series that Ashley has crreated and each book is so fantastic. I don’t think I could ever get bored with it. And I just love seeing a hero chase a heroine and I have a feeling this one will be one that will keep me on the edge of my seat!! 🙂 So bring it on

I have to say that I have been really impressed with this author and I LOVE the time era and setting, since its so unique and rare to see in HR especially now. Its set in the gilded age of New York and boy I love this setting, its so fascinating and I hope this series will create a trend for other authors *crossing fingers* and her humor is just wonderful.

I am in love with this author, and her writing is the ticket for me in every way. I adored book one in this series. I love these highlander family that came from the past and are trying to settle in the modern age. And boy I love seeing the women they match with. I have the ARC of this book and I can’t wait to pick it up especially when book one was such a sweet endearing romance. Plus anything with a kilt on the cover I will pick up hehe

I love Kylie Scott, her books are so amazing and I always know I can rely on her writing if I am in a book slump because she is so easy to read and her books just wonderful. I love how she writes romances, and she creates all the feels for the reader and I can’t wait to grab this one up.

I always get a kick out of shy heroines and seeing that inner strength and Anne Gracie is a personal favorite. I just love everything abou tthe cover, its so charming and innocent. I love the fountain 🙂 Plus this author always delivers the best romances in this genre. She really makes Regency so swoony!!!

LOVE this series and this author and even though the books lately aren’t like what the earlier books are for me, I still have loved this world and I am so glad that Sands keeps up with it because I love the way she writes vampires, so different from any other author and the humor is FANGTASTIC!!

I have to say that this series has rocked my world….Alisha Rai has such great writing talent and I love these forbidden romances. We have seen hints of this couple in the previous two books so I have been eager to read their book. Plus what a swoony cover right? Love this pose. So kudos to Avon!!!

I adore this author so very much and I will always pick up her books but I think the cover alone would get me to read these books!! I just Love her style and the romance is the center of her stories which I love that especially when there are other factors, you can always rely on a solid love story.

I am in love with this author, and she writes some great stories. But this is a trilogy and I have a feeling there will be cliffhangers so I will be waiting until book three is releases before reading these books!! But I love that the setting is set in New Orleans and I can’t wait to read this sexy alpha hero that  March is so wonderful at creating.

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