Tea and Biscuits Book Discussions: Negative Reviews

There is much speculation on whether negative reviews should be part of the book blogging community. Now I know for many especially authors, it can be really difficult to read tough reviews that aren’t positive at all especially when they work so hard to put a book together.But I do feel like these can be very important for authors. Now first off, not every book is going to make everyone else happy. Let me give you an example of an author many of you know. Karen Marie Moning. Now her first series, The Highlander one is amazing, and I couldn’t get enough of those books. But not many like that series. But then you look at her UF Fever Series and I read ALL five books hoping I would somehow fall in love with the series and it just didn’t suit me at all, but I don’t think I have met one person that really feels the same way I do.

Now what happens when you don’t like a book? Whether its a big reason or some small ones, writing a review for a book you didn’t like can be one of the hardest things a book blogger can do. I don’t know about all of you that run a book blog, but its something I always dread having to do. Its so much easier to write a positive review on a book I loved. Now do I agree with the type of reviews that are mean and cruel: HELL NO hehe I am a believer in being diplomatic especially when its a book you have problems with. I feel like there is no need to be super mean about an author or a certain book just because it doesn’t agree with you. I highly support writing honest reviews—since I do the same, but I always try to have something positive in them. Who likes to read a review that is ALL negative, it can be such a downer right?

Now I do believe that negative reviews can be important, because it shows other readers and authors even the flaws or the issues of the story, so others can be beware. I don’t believe that its vital to be honest about the review. Not to be afraid that others may or may not disagree. But I do think we all walk a fine line of what is really appropriate to say in a review because sometimes if we go too far in the pessimism and come off being rude and mean than I don’t support those type of reviews, I don’t find them necessary.