Tea and Biscuits Book Discussions: Comfort Reads

Lately I have been going to my comfort reads, now for many most people like the light and fluffy for comfort reads. However I am not a light and fluffy romance chick in any way. I like them, but I have to be in the mood for them, and I like seeing a romance with depth and human perception and intense emotion at times. There is a list of books, I own where some of them are practically falling apart, because when I need to really retreat from life, they are the books that I go to immediately to escape reality and into a world that is comfortable and easy to relax into. Most of the time historical romances are my go to for comfort reads and I honestly don’t know why, probably because they are my secret love genre. I have adored reading HR from the very beginning, and its been twelve years since I started reading romance novels, and when I need of comfort reads, these are the books I must go to. Now many of these books, aren’t new or recently published. They may seem vintage or old school however I do feel like old school produced some of the best romances and are so highly overlooked its mind blogging. I wanted to share these special books that mean quite a bit to me!! Each person has their own type of comfort reads for some they like the small town setting, or others prefer dystopian YA or some adventures in space. Or it can be a specific author even.

Here I want to share some of my personal favorite comfort reads that are go to especially when life gets too stressful and want to take a break from real life.

Petals On The River by Kathleen Woodiwiss

Petals On The Rive rWhat a sweet romance that brings a smile to my face. This story is set in the early colonial era. What a beautiful and charming story this is. Both characters are simply wonderful and the romance is endearing. I can’t count the times I have read this book, but each time is just as good as all the previous times. There is some mystery involved here and a killer on the loose so we see the a variety of circumstances happening here, but what a plot but not one that will overwhelm you in any way. That is what I love about this author, but this book is one of her more softer works.

Gentle Rogue By Johanna Lindsey

Gentle Rogue

oh the joys and charms and laughs that James Malory gives us!!! This is a highly entertaining and fun story. It has a pirate theme in it, only our sexy and dangerous pirate, is also a member of the Ton and part of one of the most highly respected families in England. A bit of a oxymoron but that is James Malory for ya. He never really makes sense, far from logical, but that is what makes him so great to read. I love picking this one up and I settle on my coach, with my favorite tea.

This Is All I Ask

This Is All I AskOh what a story this one is, in fact I read this over the weekend!! I was smiling all the way and what a book. Although I think I am in need of a new copy, the pages are starting to fall out of course I have read this countless times and owned it for atleast ten years. What I really like about this book is the romance!! This love story beats most of what I have read over the years and nothing compares to this book in some ways. This is one of those romances where we have two people who need each other in ways they don’t see especially for the first half of it. I adore the way these two become open and honest with one another.

Questions For My Readers:

What Type of Books Are Your Comfort Reads?

What Are Your Top Comfort Reads?