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Tea and Biscuits Book Discussions: Black Dagger Brotherhood Tag

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Welcome to the feature at Addicted To Romance, Tea and Biscuits Book Discussions where we discuss anything within the boundaries and books and romance.

I was tagged by Jamsu@ Jamsu Dreams  to participate in the Black Dagger Brotherhood Book Tag and since I love this series so much I thought it was perfect….so thank you Jamsu.

Wrath-Leader of the Team

Jaxon Law is a wolf shifter that is the leader of a special ops team, crippled from a attack that killed half of his team on a mission. I adore Jaxon so much, he is a leader and even though severely injured works past it to become strong again and be what his team needs.

Rhage-Beast with the Big Heart

Bear Shifter Mayor Zed is one of my favorite beast like heroes. He has such a open heart, loves his berries and pie, and isn’t afraid of commitment and loves his mother.

Zsadist-Character with a Bad Background

Lee Knightingale is such a bad boy, he is pure alpha goodness, takes charge, runs a private investigations firm and he is sexy as sin!!!

Butch-Thrust into the World

Nicholas Lyon, is a co owner of a gambling hell and becomes a Duke overnight, a position he never wanted and was treated horribly by his father and brother and has no desire to take over but he is thrown into the position and has to learn what it means to be a Duke and how many people rely on him. I loved seeing him grow into his position and figure out the type of Duke he wanted to be.

Vischous-Into BDSM

I LOVED this book, now I wouldn’t exactly call this full on BDSM, but Matt is fond of rope play and is a master at a BDSM club too. But Matt outside the bedroom is such a sweet and loveable hero. He is protective and close to his family, and will do anything for his girl. I love how devoted he is to what she needs both physically and emotionally.

Phury-A Virgin or a Twin

Declan, is a twin and British and I really LOVED him as a hero. Unlike his twin, he doesn’t have sex with anything that walks. He is more picky about whom he sleeps him and is more open to commitment. I love how hard working he is and determined to succeed in accomplishing his dreams.

 Rehvenge–A Pimp or Very Stylish

Knox Thorne, is leader of a demon clan and has much power and wealth and wears all the stylist of clothes, I just love the description made in this book.

Thorment-Second in Command

Wyr sentinel Rune Ainissesthai , is second in command to Dragos and boy he is yummy!! He knows exactly how to handle a alpha female (who is the heroine) he is a protector, passionate and crafty.

John Matthew-Character with No Parents

Reaper like the others in the club, have no family so they created their own. He is an orphan and forced to endure some horrible things as a child just to survive. But loved his character and his strength and capabilities to rise above the trauma of his childhood.

Qhuinn–Rejected by their Family

Both the hero and the heroine are rejected by their families and so they form their own unit and help and defend one another. So tragic that both of them aren’t accepted by those that should love them the most.

Blaylock-A Supportive Family

The hero, has some great family support. They aren’t perfect or anything, but they stand behind him where it matters and support him in his choices for his career and his “girl”

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