Tea and Biscuits Book Discussion: Dealbreakers In Romance

Today I wanted to talk about what is a deal breaker when reading romance!! There is so many siutations in a romance, that some of us are okay with reading but there are others that makes us want to throw the book at the wall and say that you’re done!! I do feel that there are some authors especially recently that have certain topics brought into a story or a certain moment that just aren’t okay!! Now this can change over time as our reading interests can develop. But there are some circumstances, that you aren’t okay with dealing with on any level!! Now as readers of romance, deciding what we are and what are aren’t okay with is a very personal decision. Each of us have different conditions when it concerns dealbreakers.

I want to discuss some deal breakers that some readers may or may not have issues with:

Affairs/ Or sleeping with a person not the main character

Now this depending on how its written can be a pretty big issue for me, while I know for other readers its not. I am not a big fan of seeing a situation where this happens. I can still read the story, but it will literally bug me the whole way through even if I like other aspects of the book, this can be a true downer. There have been some books that I can overlook it especially if it happens in the beginning of the story. There are two cases where I had issues even though overall I enjoyed the books. The first one is The Marriage Bed by Laura Lee Gurhke. I just want to say I truly adored this couple as a whole. But its a story where the main couple drifts apart and the hero starts to have affairs. They do end up reconciling after years of being apart. This is a book where you love the heroine way more than the hero. Even though I do love how this couple falls in love again, but this issue was a real bother for me. Now the second book that is still a issue for me is Overruled by Emma Chase. Another case of having issues with the hero’s decisions. I don’t like the way he is especially in the beginning. He lives a “double standard” here and it really bothers me seeing how he treats both women in the story. For me, it came very close to me putting it aside. Even though there were many things I enjoyed about the story otherwise—man I wanted to put this book aside, I think the only reason I didn’t was because one I had waited weeks to get it from the library and felt it would be a waste to not see it through. And there were some redeemable moments, but I read that book months ago and it still bothers me.

Abuse –humans or animals

Now this is definitely probably a dealbreaker for many people, or its a topic where its really hard to get through a story with it. Now this can be as simple as a slap in the face or shooting a horse because its injured. Now sometimes it can be a huge issue for me. Especially in historical’s you see both of these circumstances happen quite a bit. It doesn’t even have to be the main characters necessarily, it can be a side character or a villain of the story. But abuse can really turn you off especially when reading a romance. It doesn’t even have to be physical, there are many different forms of abuse. It could be mental, or sexual. Now when it comes to rape—which some authors do put in, and if they are written well can be a solid win for a reader. But there are times when I have read a book, and the author didn’t handle it very good and it turns out to be a dealbreaker. But I do like seeing real issues even if they are tough come into play. There are some books I have read where the abuse was just not for me. The first one that comes to mind for me is Spider Game by Christine Feehan. Now normally I enjoy this author quite a bit, but this book I couldn’t stand the hero!! He was downright horrible. I hated the way he treated the heroine—which was in my estimation emotional and mental abuse. Especially toward the end of the book, he tended to be almost cruel to her, blaming her for things out of her control and being demeaning. Now if there is a love/hate type of relationship in the beginning, then I might be okay for it but this was toward the end of the story, and he just constantly does it from beginning to end and it doesn’t stop. Now I do want to discuss face slapping, which has been cropping up more and more in many different genres. What I am talking about is the heroine slapping the hero. Now in historical’s its a bit more understandable. I say this because of the culture back than, and in pretty much all the books I have read in HR—its more defensive than to be done out of anger or to be abusive. But I have noticed that slapping in contemporaries has become way more popular. Now this isn’t necessarily a full dealbreaker for me, but it can bother me. I don’t think its necessary especially in situations where its uncalled for.

Love Triangles

This a almost deal breaker for me….I hate love triangles especially when its the case of you don’t know who the characters will end up with in the end. I like an obvious main couple. Now there are two kinds of love triangles that I have seen. the first is the hardest for me to deal with and many times I won’t try a book out because of this type. Its where we have one character (either hero or heroine) and there are two other character and its more of a equal love of both and that one character has to choose who he or she wants to be with more. I literally can’t stand these scenarios…they drive me up the wall. Now the second type of love triangles I can definitely do. Its where we have the main couple, but there is a conflict that is keeping them from being together. That can mean being engaged or betrothed to someone else or even being courted by another character. What I like about these is seeing two character overcome the odds whether they are by family or cultural.

Sex For The Sake Of Sex

This can be pretty bothersome for me, and when there is too much sex in a romance I put it aside sometimes. Now I don’t mind sex scenes however those that know my reading interests know that I don’t read romance for the sex. In fact, that is probably the least likely reason I would ever read a romance. I am a romantic at heart, and I adore see great character growth and emotional connection between a couple and the adventure of seeing two people fall in love and the conflicts they face and the process of seeing them come together. Now I do love a good bedroom scene but it needs to be done in a way that you see the full round of intimacy between a couple (The physical, emotional, intellectual and mental or even spiritual). I can’t read a story where the focus is just sex and nothing else. Or where the sex scenes in the story take up majority of the book. Is that really necessary? In my mind, thats no romance novel—its erotica. There is a big difference between the two. The worst experience a romance reader can have is feeling like you have to skip through many pages of the book especially when you want a solid love story and can’t see it happening at all!!

Questions For My Readers:

What are your top Dealbreakers especially when reading romance?

Have your tastes in reading changed when it comes to whether or not you will read a book on certain topics?