Read All The Books Reading Challenge

So I recently came across this new challenge from Anna@ Herding Cats and Burning Soup. I am super excited for this challenge and I can’t wait to star. So what is this challenge about:

Read All The Books


The goal? Pick an author who has published at least 45 books and…read them ALL.
This is an ongoing challenge. 
You can start whenever you want…and finish whenever you want.
I’m not sure if anyone else will be interested but I’ve wanted to pick a couple authors and read all of their books. So I figured I’d put it out there and if anyone else wants to join in…cool!
There’s no real check ins or pressure. You do what you can when you can.
If you’ve already read the book pre-challenge that’s totally okay.
Just toss up a sign up post with your author of choice and book list then link it up below.
Feel free to add updates once in a while too 🙂

My Pick For The Challenge

So my pick for this challenge will be Beverly Jenkins. She has quite a backlist, I am not sure she has done at least 45 but she has quite a few books she has written. And I have been becoming hooked on her historical’s lately, and want to read them ALL!!! Not many authors have written African American themed historical romances and Beverly Jenkins is so talented and really brings historical events to life. So this is a challenge I definitely want to begin right away. What about you? Is there an author you want to work on??