Out Of This World Reading Challenge 2016

The Particulars: 

Have you ever wanted to read more romance that has sci fi elements….exploring the galaxy and find passion among the stars? Well you have come to the right place. That is what the Out of this World Reading Challenge is for! This is a way to explore reading interests and expand your horizons. There is nothing better that finding romance on various other planets, in a spaceship with a sexy rogue captain, and finding adventure and danger in ways you don’t expect. This challenge is for sci fi romance only. Must have both sci fi elements and romantic elements.

Choose Your Level

5-10 Books -Beam Your Way Into Outer Space

15-25 Books – Blast Into The Unknown

30-50 CyberSpace Sensuality

60+ Teleportation of a Experienced Traveler of Time and love

The Rules Of The Game

Must read minimum of Five Books

Must read any book that has been published, any format is welcome, and ARC’s can be included as long as they are published in 2016.

All books read must have a science fiction element. Any book read must also have a romantic element to the story.

Re Reads can be included in the challenge as long as its read in 2016.

Keep your challenge updated through Goodreads and/or personal blog or website.

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5 thoughts on “Out Of This World Reading Challenge 2016

  1. As you see, I’ll try to follow this Reading Challenge in 2016. But I have two questions:
    1) I’ll try to read a Romantic Sci-Fi book each month so that’s 12 books, which is my level?
    2) I’d like to know if there’s a fixed date to publish the review. I’ll do it in my blog and I’m quite an organised person, so I prefer to know what day I should publish my Sci-Fi review. Any preference?

    1. oh awesome!!! Glad to see you joined up.
      Answers: 1) It would be Beam Your Way
      2) There is no fixed date as long as its in 2016….it doesn’t matter when you actually publish it. It is up to you when you do it!! I will be doing a link back every month for reviews so if you want to share you link that would be great!! 🙂 Hope you have fun with this challenge.

      1. I think I’ll publish my Sci-Fi reviews the first Wednesday of each month. I’ll write them in English. The two Reading Challenges I follow are now the only reviews I publish in that language. I tell you this because I don’t want you (or anybody visiting) to get lost among so many Spanish words. 😉

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