Library Loot (80)

So I had a blast exploring the library today, I went to downtown Dallas’ library, normally I have just visited their branches and the suburb libraries, but this library has eight levels, and offers quite a bit of extracurricular events and activities. I discovered some jewels, and even though it was easy finding the romances admidst the numerous fiction aisles, I highly enjoyed exploring a new place. Although I will say that the library I had in Utah spoiled me way too much. Not sure how often I will be going to this location, since I am not a fan of going downtown but I do think I will visit every now and again. Here below are some of my goodies.

Queen of Song and Souls by C. L. Wilson

Ever since I read “The Sea King” last week, I just knew I had to re read every book this author has written. And it has been a few years since I have read this series. This book, is the fourth in the series, where we see our lovely couple in the fight for their lives and also breach some boundaries of magic. What I love about this couple in this series, is seeing the growth in their relationship.

Crown of Crystal Flame by C.L. Wilson

This is the fifth and last installment of the series, its where we see this pair prepare for the final battle against the evil mages. Even though I don’t remember this being my favorite book of the series, I am still looking forward to the conclusion of the series.

Breathless by Beverly Jenkins

Breathless is a book I have yet to read but I can’t wait to pick up and I need to catch up on my challenge to read all of the books this author has written. The blurb sounds fascinating, and quite frankly I can never get enough of this author.

Demon Hunting In A Dive Bar by Lexi George

I think I have had this on my wishlist for quite a while, and there is something about this cover I love. It has a edgy but flirty and fun feeling to it and I do love seeing that in a romance.

The Devious Dr. Jekyll by Viola Carr

This book and author has a very unique style, and I do love anything to do with Sherlock Holmes themes.

Simply Love by Mary Balogh

I have not read enough of this author to satisfy me, I have only read a couple of books which I have loved so far. So I am eager to try out this one.

The English Duke by Karen Ranney

I will be honest when I first saw the covers for this series, I had no interest in picking them up. But then I read book one and fell in love. And now I gotta try out the second book in the series. Plus Karen Ranney is wonderful to read.