Library Loot (78)


Oh I had such a fun trip to the library here!!! And I got some treasures!!

Books Borrowed

Controlled Burn

I just had to get book two especially since I am just loving these firefighters!! Dang are they yummy

Fully Ignitedand Yeah I couldn’t resist grabbing up book THREE!!! So HOT!


I have recently fallen in love with this author and boy is this series so amazing!! I just couldn’t resist grabbing up this one. I love a sexy gargoyle for a hero.

Sweet VengeanceI have enjoyed this author and I loved reading the blurb and with such a gorgeous cover, I couldn’t resist grabbing this up.

Behind His Blue Eyes

I have been seeing this author crop up lately, and I had no clue that my library had her books, until I spotted this one on the shelf. Had to grab it and love a man with blue eyes.

The Rogue Not Taken

Oh I do adore this author so I am pretty excited to read the first book in a new series.


oh yeah I saw this and I picked it up. I had never heard of this author before, but the set up sounded really fascinating.

Books Bought At Library Store

11 thoughts on “Library Loot (78)

  1. If you enjoy the Kaki Warner book, make sure you check out Pieces of Sky. It’s the first in a series and I LOVED this series. In a world full of English ballrooms, her American Westerns are great to get a change of pace.

    I hope you enjoy ALL of your library reads!! 🙂

  2. I’ve read a couple by Kaki Warner and liked them. I need to go back for others from the same series. Lynn Viel wrote a steampunk series I want to try, but this one looks good, too.

    Nice store haul! 🙂

  3. That’s a lot of great and great-looking books. I’m especially interested to see what you think about The Rogue Not Taken and Sweet Vengeance. Those first two book covers are super hot! Whew!

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