Library Loot (88)

Library Loot is a feature where to post all of our library goodies and celebrate our love of libraries!! How much do you love your local library?

I know with everything going on that visits to the library have definitely changed over the past couple of months. BUT I was thrilled when I received a notification from my local library that “Curbside Service” is available. Now its not quite the same as browsing the shelves and grabbing up what sounds good. BUT its better than nothing right? And I always look for ways to support my library and get great books to read. So here are the titles I was able to get today and I can’t tell you how excited I am to pick them up.

My first hardcover in MONTHS!!! I can’t wait to delve into this one. I might even grab it up today. The blurb sounds amazing. I love seeing scientists as characters in romance. And sounds like lots of challenges this couple will need to face to reach their HEA and knowing J.R. Ward it will be a thrilling ride.

I loved the FIRST book and even though I was offered the ARC I decided to pass on it because I had so many other ARC’s to get to at the time. But I have the third book as an ARC and knew I needed to read this book first. So I was thrilled when I saw it at my library to place a hold on. 🙂

I can never get enough of Sophie Jordan and this “Rogue Files” series has been quite fun. Very eager to see where she takes this story and I couldn’t resist such a vibrant sensual cover.

I have to say what drew me first to this book was the cover. Its just breathtaking. and I love the rich red tones and man I want that hair lol Should be a good one, always have enjoyed Sands’ historical’s.

I just adore Gena Showalter and I have read the first two books of the “Angels of the Dark” series and am eager to see the finale of the trilogy.

I do adore a good governess romance and very eager to see how Guhrke writes this one here.

Megan Frampton is such a fun author to read and I didn’t get a chance to read this one when it came out, but thrilled to grab up a copy now. Should be a delight to read.

I have become hooked on Carolyn Brown’s books and I just adore how she writes her western’s.

I have really fallen behind on this series and eager to return to it and Donna Grant is great with her style in the paranormal worlds she creates.

Have you been able to grab anything up with the library? Does your library offer Curbside service? Let me know in the comments below!