Book Review-The Pleasures of Passion by Sabrina Jeffries

Book Review-The Pleasures of Passion by Sabrina Jeffries

I received this book for free from Pocket in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

Book Review-The Pleasures of Passion by Sabrina JeffriesThe Pleasures of Passion by Sabrina Jeffries
Also in this series: The Art of Sinning, The Study of Seduction, The Danger of Desire, The Secret of Flirting
Series: Sinful Suitors #4
Published by Pocket Books on June 20th 2017
Genres: Historical Romance, Regency Era
Pages: 400
Format: eARC
Source: Pocket
ISBN: 1501144464
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When Niall Lindsey, the Earl of Margrave, is forced to flee after killing a man in a duel, he expects his secret love, Brilliana Trevor, to go with him, or at the very least wait for him. To his shock, she does neither and sends him off with no promise for the future. Seven years and one pardon later, Niall returns to England disillusioned and cynical. And being blackmailed by the government into working with his former love to help catch a counterfeiter connected to her father doesn’t improve his mood any. But as his role as Brilliana’s fake fiancé brings his long-buried feelings to the surface once again, he wonders who is more dangerous—the counterfeiter or the woman rapidly stealing his heart.

Forced to marry another man after Niall was exiled, the now widowed Brilliana wants nothing to do with the reckless rogue who she believes abandoned her to a dreary, loveless life. So having to rely on him to save her father is the last thing she wants, much less trusts him with....But as their scheme strips away the lies and secrets of their shared past, can she let go of the old hurt and put her pride aside? Or will the pleasures of their renewed passion finally enable them both to rediscover love?

The Pleasures of Passion continues this delightful series: The Sinful Suitors. In this fourth installment, we have a tale of two people that fell in love when they were young and innocent but certain circumstances, broke them apart. Our hero in a effort to see justice for his sister, had to leave the continent and our heroine had a very sick mother and couldn’t leave her. Certain misunderstanding happened and both Niall and Bree believed the worst about each other due to lies and secrets that wasn’t their own doing. Now Niall has returned with a full pardon, and Bree has been a widow for a year with a young son. Niall has been working as a spy for England, doing various jobs. Now he has one last job, but it will mean working with the woman he has never stopped loving and one he could never have. There is a criminal working with counterfeit money, and they believe Bree’s father is involved. So Bree and Niall are reluctant to work together, especially with the rising tension that builds between them.

I had a wonderful time reading this book, and I was quickly caught up in the plot and the romance. I have a soft spot for second chance romances, and this one was just right for me. Their bantering was quick witted and it was interesting to see these two work through these issues and in such fun and delightful ways as well. We also see the outer influences that drove them apart and see them learning to slowly trust each other. At first they don’t think too highly of each other, and having to work through the lies they were told about each other, isn’t easy and really have to work through it emotionally and end up learning to trust in each other, which trust isn’t easy to rebuild once its lost.

I was quite intrigued to see how this book turned out, and the slow building romance was enchanting. I was hooked on this couple. Both Niall and Bree were fascinating character, and I just wanted  more of these two. These just click right when they are together, and even when they are at odds, there is an underlying connection between them. And even though the villain wasn’t as unpredictable as I would have liked, the way the story played out was unpredictable and the development of events were delightful and seeing the way Bree and Niall come together and work together to find the real criminal.

Sabrina Jeffries hasn’t lost her touch at all, and this book proved it. This story proved to be just as well written as her earlier books that I first fell in love with. This story had everything you desire in a romance….a solid mystery to solve, a sizzling chemistry, endearing characters, a well balanced plot and some twists to keep you on your toes….SIMPLY WONDERFUL!!

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About Sabrina Jeffries

Sabrina Jeffries is the NYT bestselling author of 39 novels and 10 works of short fiction (some written under the pseudonyms Deborah Martin and Deborah Nicholas). Whatever time not spent writing in a coffee-fueled haze of dreams and madness is spent traveling with her husband and adult autistic son or indulging in one of her passions—jigsaw puzzles, chocolate, and music. With over 7 million books in print in 20 different languages, the North Carolina author never regrets tossing aside a budding career in academics for the sheer joy of writing fun fiction, and hopes that one day a book of hers will end up saving the world.

She always dreams big.

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  1. Her books for me are just okay. I use to buy them all the time because my niece loves to read her.

  2. Lovely review! I can’t wait to read this. I mean, second chance romance *and* a spy theme? Count me in! LOL 🙂

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