Book Review-Seduction’s Shift by A.C. Arthur

Book Review-Seduction’s Shift by A.C. ArthurSeduction's Shift by A.C. Arthur
Series: The Shadow Shifters #2
Published by St. Martin's Paperbacks on September 25th 2012
Genres: Paranormal Romance, Shape Shifting
Pages: 352
Format: eBook
ISBN: 0312549113
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They hide their true nature from the world—part man and part animal—sworn to defend the human race against the untamed beasts among them…

She was his first love, his only love. But trying to rescue his beautiful Ary from captivity is one wild risk no man should take. Luckily, Nick Delgado is no ordinary man. His work in the urban jungle as a high-powered litigator has only fueled his ferocity, enflamed his passion—and sharpened his claws—to protect his mate.
Ary is a born healer who has devoted her life to the tribe—and her heart to Nick. But when the fierce  and sadistic Sabar turns his jaguar eyes upon her, Ary becomes the unwilling pawn in a deadly game of shifting alliances. One man wants to use her talents to enslave humanity. The other wants to free her from their natural enemy. If Nick hopes to save Ary, he must unleash the beast within—and fight for the woman he loves…

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Ary is a natural born healer, and has dedicated her time to helping her tribe. Ary is a member of a shifter clan in the jungles. When she finds herself kidnapped by a enemy, Saber, she knows that she needs to find a way to escape. He wants her for reasons he won’t reveal, and she knows its only a matter of time before her situation will become worse. She also finds that her own father has been working with Saber for years, and has betrayed her to him. Nick Delgado is second in command, and when he learns that Ary his unclaimed mate, has been kidnapped from one of their most brutal enemies…he will do anything to find her, he just hopes to find her in time. Nick and Ary were kept apart years previous, and now they are brought together by a enemy, a enemy that is out to destroy the lives of both humans and shifters alike, and he will stop at nothing to perfect his drug…a drug that is harmful to many.

The Hero 

Nick was born a powerful shifter, and he is smart and cunning, and has had to be. When he was merely nineteen years old, he found Ary, his mate, but his parents and her parents kept them apart, and he has never forgiven his parents for that. He was yougn and foolish when he left her, but knew he would come back for her. Nick’s parents are dead now via a car accident, and he takes care of his family that he has left. Nick is a natural leader, and stands by his friends and those that protect their kind at all costs. He is driven to protect no matter what. What I adored about Nick is his devil may care attitude. He doesn’t apologize and doesn’t treat others with nothing but respect, he is pure alpha male though and has such has certain “tendacies” to possess, he comes across as controlling at times, but with the dangers surrounding them, its more about protecting those he loves. He is one sexy male…and whew I could keep reading him.

The Heroine 

Ary is a strong healer, passionate and fiery. She stands on her own, and fights her own battles and is tired of living under her fathers dictates and commands. She craves for freedom and to make her own decisions. The day she is kidnapped…it changes her life, because that one event brings her closer to her fated mate, the one male that left and abandoned her when she needed him the most. Now she is stronger than ever, and stubborn as a mule, but she also realizes the danger of Saber and what he is capable of. What I really admired about Ary is standing up to the men, most especially Nick. She doesn’t let him run over her, no door mat this heroine, she is fierce in her desire to live her own life, but I also liked how she knew which battles to fight and which ones to back down from. I wasn’t sure at the beginning how much I would like her, but as the story developed I grew to love her even more…and boy was she a riot of fun at times.

Plot and Story Line 

Seductions Shift is a story that I wouldn’t recommend as a stand alone. From what I can tell, this series is connected, and even though you could read it out of order, you might get a bit lost especially at the beginning if you haven’t read the first book. At the end of the first book, Ary gets kidnapped. The beginning of Seduction’s Shift is the rescue and trying to destroy Saber. Saber is one sick creature, oh man, did I want him to die in this one. I mean he has a temper, he was taken as a boy by a man more evil than him, and corrupted, and now there is nothing redeemable about it any longer. We see two sides of the plot in this story. It is written in third person (Thank goodness), but we also have a few times where it switches to Saber and his “plans”. The focus of the story is Nick and Ary reconnecting and trying to work out mistrust and past hurts and betrayals, and all the while trying to bring Saber down. There is a bit of a powerful mystery aspect in play here, and we have some truths revealed, and a hint of the next couple in the next book. Oh I can just see a explosion of tempers going to explode soon. What I want to focus on is the love story. They definitely have no problems in the “sexual activities” in their relationship….it is fiery HOT!! But we also see a centered focus on them rebuilding their relationship, learning to love and trust again. I loved the tension that builds between them and the interactions…especially in the beginning, is quite hilarious, because really…they need lessons in communicating effectively. But they eventually learn…just takes quite a bit of time to accomplish. But what fun I had with this pair.

The Cover 

I really like this cover, with the red and gold colors, the imprint of a leopard, and the back of one sexy hunky male….I could keep him hehe.

Overall View 

Seduction’s Shift is a blazing hot paranormal romance, that sizzles and burns, it is a tale of reconnecting, a dangerous enemy to defeat, and a passion that builds the bridges to love….A SEXY SHIFTER ROMANCE!!

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  1. Nice review! Gotta love those sexy alpha shifters. 😉 And I love it when authors pair them with an equally smart and capable heroine. I’m glad you enjoyed this! I have one of the later books but I want to start at the beginning where they’re interconnected.

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