Book Review-I’ve Got My Duke To Keep Me Warm by Kelly Bowen

Book Review-I’ve Got My Duke To Keep Me Warm by Kelly BowenI've Got My Duke to Keep Me Warm by Kelly Bowen
Also in this series: You're the Earl That I Want
Series: The Lords of Worth #1
Published by Forever on December 16th 2014
Genres: Historical Romance, Regency Era
Pages: 323
Format: eARC
Source: Publisher
ISBN: 1455583812
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Where Secrets Smolder...
Calm. Cool. Collected. Gisele Whitby has perfected the art of illusion—her survival, after all, has depended upon it. Years ago, to escape an abusive husband, Gisele "disappeared." Now she must risk revealing her new identity to save another innocent girl from the same fate. But she needs a daring man for her scheme, and the rogue in question shows a remarkable talent . . . for shattering Gisele's carefully constructed façade and igniting her deepest desires.
...Passion Ignites.
This isn't the first time Jamie Montcrief has awakened naked and confused from a night of drinking. It is, however, the first time a stunningly beautiful woman offers him payment afterward. Gisele has a business proposition for him, a mission involving cunning thievery and a brazen rescue. How can he say no to a plot this dangerous . . . and a woman this delectable?

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Gisele has had to resort to extreme measures to stay safe and hidden away from a demon from her past. Its a matter of survival, of life and death. She was brought into a marriage where she was abused and needed to escape, and she faked her own death and took priceless jewels to stay safe and be able to support her cause. Once she began a new life, with her two partners, she knew that this was her fate, to help those other women that needed her help to escape abusive situations. But when one of her partners ends up marrying and leaving, she needs someone to help her, someone in a poor situation himself, and need a new change, she then spies Jamie. Jamie is alone and on his own, and knows that he has no one. But when he finds himself in an inn alone with a beautiful women, who has an offer he can’t refuse, he decides to join her. The mission she has planned takes him on a journey of growth and facing his past in ways he didn’t expect, and to find a woman who fights for what is right…no matter the cost and he will do anything to stand by her side and fight alongside her, no matter the danger or risk.

The Hero 

Jamie Montcrief, is the son of a Duke, but even though he is the firstborn, he is a bastard and illegitimate, and so he got a commission and fought in the war, alongside his brother, only to come back alone, grieved and blaming himself for all kinds of torments. Jamie has dedicated his life in doing the right thing, no matter the cost to himself, and he proves that even if not many see his worth. Jamie is the type of hero that keeps surprising you. Whenever I thought I had him figured out, then we learn something new about him, and I gained even more respect for him. Jamie because a war hero through hard work and perseverance, he fought hard and he still does. We see his determination, and strength of will, and his loyalty to doing what is the right now and not what other want him to do.

The Heroine

Gisele Whitby is a heroine I fell in love with from the beginning. When I first read the blurb, I wasn’t sure about her, but what a lady she turned out to be. I love how she was a fighter through everything. When we learn about the type of abuse which was way moire than a few slaps here and there, it was pretty intense, and my respect for her grew, to deal with it, face it, fake her own death and take her husbands fortune with her, and him thinking she is dead all this time. And she keeps continue to use trickery to save those unfortunate women that need a champion. She is smart and passionate and stubborn, and her character kept winning me over. I love the way she faces her fears and not let her past control her actions, she becomes a stronger person for the cards that she has been dealt in her life.

Plot and Story Line

I’ve Got My Duke To Keep Me Warm is the first book in the series, and what a book!! This is also my first book from this author, and I was impressed to say the least. I fell in love with this story, and lately I have been a bit bored with regency’s lately, but this one revitalized my interest again, and in ways I didn’t see coming. I loved the way it starts, and how it ends and everything in between. This was a winner for me, and it was quite unique in certain aspects. My favorite was the secret identity trope. Now even though she has faked her own death but is technically still married, and she and Jamie have a bond forming between them, and that didn’t both me at all…because quite frankly her husband is one mean and evil man who needs to be destroyed. And some of the side characters were just great, especially the Dowager Duchess of Worth…I can see how she will be a center figure in this series, and anyone that can bring a chicken to a ball and get away with it…well she has my vote!! As the story unravels, and we see Jamie and Gisele, become closer, we also see the makings of the plot increase, and tensions rise and we get to see some mystery and dangerous moments that keep you captivated. We also see hints of the characters that take a play in the next book, and see of bit of chemistry there, so I am very on edge to get that book next. What is wonderful about this book, is how it keeps you hooked and interested all the way through, and seeing the story line build and build, This is a story that is so different from your typical regency romance…its so much more…it has substance, humor, romance, edge of your seat action and a story that never ends!!

The Cover

Isn’t this such a pretty winter cover…I love her dress with the cape flowing around her.

Overall View

I’ve Got My Duke To Keep Me Warm is a warm and sensual read, that grabs you from the beginning, it’s a tale of love, danger, and overcoming your greatest fear to embrace the most consuming love….EXHILIARATING!!

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  1. Oh, this sounds really interesting! A hero that keeps surprising readers and a strong heroine who fights for other’s safety? Yes, please. Plus that cover is great!

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