Book Review- Once Upon A Highland Christmas

Book Review- Once Upon A Highland ChristmasOnce Upon a Highland Christmas by Lecia Cornwall
Series: Once Upon A Highland Season #3
Published by Avon Impulse on December 9th 2014
Genres: Historical Romance, Scottish Highlands, Holiday Romance
Pages: 400
ISBN: 0062328484
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Lady Alanna McNabb is bound by duty to her family, who insist she must marry a gentleman of wealth and title. When she meets the man of her dreams, she knows it's much too late, but her heart is no longer hers.
Laird Iain MacGillivray is on his way to propose to another woman when he discovers Alanna half-frozen in the snow and barely alive. She isn't his to love, yet she's everything he's ever wanted.
As Christmas comes closer, the snow thickens, and the magic grows stronger. Alanna and Iain must choose between desire and duty, love and obligation.
But it's Christmas in the Highlands, and there are bound to be a few surprises.

I received a ARC copy in exchange for a honest review, thanks to Avon and Edelweiss for the opportunity.

Once Upon A Highland Christmas is another fabulous read by this author. I have just loved what Cornwall has done with this highlander series, and how each book is based on a season…this story, obviously is based on a Christmas themed setting. I wasn’t sure how I would feel about this one, since it is a bit of a forbidden romance theme but it was fantastic in every way and I have little complaints here.

The story begins with Alanna, is dedicated and loyal, and gave her word to marry a man that is twice her age but she feels duty bound to do so. The eve before her fiance’s arrival she goes to take a walk, and ends up lost, and a storm comes upon her, and she is found and rescued by Laird Iain MacGillvray. Iain is out hunting when he discovers Alanna, injured and freezing in the snow and he takes her to a cottage to help heal her injuries. Iain has just come into a English title, and knows that he will be expected to marry a English lass to help cement his arrival in society, even though its the last thing he would like to do. And the woman he feels bound to marry, is the opposite of Alanna in every way. With the storm, Iain takes her to his home, and the attraction that they have for each other is fiery passionate and wild, but both of them know it can never last because they other responsibilities. Will Iain and Alannna choose duty and obligation or a treasured love…

This story was very emotional for me, and I had a difficult time with this one, just because your heart just breaks to see these two find a way to be together. If you look back at the time period especially, honor and duty was everything. And this author does a great way of implementing that concept into the story. We have two people that fall in love, but their destiny may differ from their hearts desires. We have a bit of a conflict and villain–the Lady Penelope. Oh how I just wanted to toss her in a Scottish loch-hehe- I know that is mean, but she was quite the character, but she offers quite a bit of rivalry to the story. I did adore some of the other side characters, such as Iain’s sister and Penelope’s sister, and of course we do see Alanna’s older brother and well it is great seeing Alec and Caroline play a part in the story.

The characters were fun and adventurous and full of depth and true character that you can’t help but adore from the beginning. Iain is the type of hero I just love. He is more reserved and quiet, but he is strong and loyal and quite a lovely kisser…I wish I could melt in his arms. Alanna is a wonderful heroine, she also is full of strength and dedication, but passionate and just loves everyone. She has such a sweet personality, although I do kinda wish she had a bit more backbone at times, but overall she was quite a character, and she was really endearing and likable.

Overall a heart winning romance, a love story that will bring a tear to your eye, packed with plenty of strife, conflict, and a poignant love to win you over from the get go. I found myself flipping through this story as fast as I could get through those pages…definitely a HEART STOPPER!!!

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