Book Review-Knight In Highland Armor

Book Review-Knight In Highland ArmorKnight in Highland Armor by Amy Jarecki
Series: Highland Dynasty #1
Published by Rapture Books on January 1st 2015
Genres: Historical Romance, Scottish Highlands, Medieval Era
Pages: 388
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Grieving from the death of his wife, Lord Colin Campbell listens to the cries of his newborn son whilst penning a missive to the king. With no marriage prospects, Colin petitions his majesty for help in finding a stepmother. Never again will he fall in love—the death of a woman brings more pain than losing a whole contingent of men on the battlefield.
Feisty, quick tongued and smart, Margaret Robinson is delighted when her father receives a messenger from the king…until she discovers what news he brings. In a sennight, she will wed the notorious Black Knight—her life is about to end.
Tension builds during the wedding and deteriorates from there…until an accident draws them together. Just when their love begins to blossom, a dire request arrives from the Pope. Colin must join the Crusades at once.
Their fragile love is forced to withstand the seductions of hell—Margaret tempted by a scoundrel laird—Colin courted by Satan himself. Aye, the war for Christendom could very well ruin their dreams forever.

Knight In Highland Armor is the first book in the newest series by this author. Now I have to say that I feel a little ashamed that I haven’t read this author before now. Especially with her Highland Force series and how popular it has become among readers, librarians and bloggers of all kinds. This story was so different from other highland romances I have read…way different, but in a very positive way. This story definitely was a change for me, many authors now especially historical ones, write sweet and charming love stories…and though this one had that charm, it also had some difficult concepts but were very real ones. I loved how this story you see the history and how sometimes even if two people love each other they can be apart for quite some time.

Lord Colin Campbell has just lost his wife in childbirth, and has a son to care for. He has been called to go fight the Turks on a holy campaign, but he must find a woman suitable to caring for his son. The king sets a match with Margaret Robinson. Margaret is capable and strong, and has been involved in her family’s estate since she can remember. But now she must marry a stranger out of duty. At first she doesn’t think that Colin even likes her, and their first time in bed was hardly worth remembering. But soon Colin and Margaret begin to form a trust and you see how they begin to fall in love. But then Colin is called away to the crusades by the Pope…Margaret wonders if Colin will return alive to his family once again or be killed….

What I really enjoyed about this one, was the setting. I adore romances from this time period. I am a huge historical romance nut, but what we have here is a complex emotional story that really tugged at my heartstrings. I loved Margaret’s fierce determination and fire, she doesn’t back down and when she knows she can help she does. Colin is overcome with grief, and doesn’t see that Margaret can heal him from the death of his first beloved wife. I found that this book also introduced the battles of the crusades, and how brutal it could be. We see how even though they are separated these two have a love stronger than any battles or deceptions. There is also quite a bit of intrigue that comes into play, and my heart just went out to these two…the villain of the story, is one bad guy I would like to run a sword through. Although the aspect of the villain, really adds more depth to the story and the plot tends to really thicken when he starts to play a active role in the story.

Overall a in depth romance, of passion, history, hard to win love, and a romance to fight for!! I have been won by this author, and I can’t wait to try her out further.  BEAUTIFULLY WRITTEN!!

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