Book Review-Kissing Sin by Keri Arthur

Book Review-Kissing Sin by Keri Arthur

Book Review-Kissing Sin by Keri ArthurKissing Sin (Riley Jenson Guardian #2) by Keri Arthur
Also in this series: Full Moon Rising
Series: Riley Jenson Guardian #2
Published by Random House on January 30th 2007
Genres: Urban Fantasy Romance, Vampires, Creatures-Wolves
Pages: 355
Format: Paperback
Source: Library
ISBN: 055358846X
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From Melbourne’s gleaming skyscrapers to its throbbing nightclubs, Riley Jenson’s world is raging with danger and desire. A drop-dead-gorgeous werewolf-with a touch of vamp coursing in her blood-Riley works for an organization created to police the supernatural races. But when she wakes up naked and bruised in a barren alley, she knows only that she must run for her life.
Within moments Riley collides with the sexiest man she’s ever seen: steely, seductive Kade, who is fighting a life-and-death battle of his own. With old lovers and enemies gathering around her, Riley knows she is being pursued by a new kind of criminal. Because in Riley’s blood is a secret that could create the ultimate warrior-if only she can survive her own dangerous desires…

My Review


Riley Jenson’s world has twirled out of order, when she wakes up disoriented and with no memory of the past month. She finds herself assaulted sexually, and seeking escape from where she has been captured. Along the way she stumbles across another shifter….a horse shifter and the heat escalates between them. When Riley returns home, she finds herself drawn into a evil plot where the enemy keeps seeking her and attempting to kill her. But she joins forces with her brother, Misha and a man she never thought she would see again….the ever mysterious Quinn. Riley is in over her head, but the plows on knowing she has to get to the bottom of the plots but there will be some unforeseen consequences.

Plot and Story Line

In Kissing Sin we get a continuation of Riley Jenson, and seeing how the world is changing for her. Gone is the nice quiet life she once enjoyed. Now she is embroiled in evil plots and trying to discover who is behind the “curtain” as it were. This book was pretty hot, probably not as much as the first one…but dang some HOT and SPICY scenes if there ever were. We get some new characters and some old ones. We get some delicious moments with Misha…and even though I was unsure about his agenda….he really shocked me in the end. We are brought some surprises some good and some bad. This story really spent through some vivid emotions here, and I fell in love more with Riley.

Now we have some great interactions with Quinn…good ole sexy Quinn. Now we see how much has changed with Quinn. In the first books, he was resistant to pursuing anything serious with Riley because she was a wolf and he had recently been betrayed by one he had fallen in love with. And quite frankly he is old world and very traditional. Despite his reservations about Riley have sex with various men at different times very consistently…he is willing to go after her and try to have some sort of romantic relationship even though its killing him seeing her with other men. I understood both sides of it. I see why Riley is hesitant to be with just Quinn because they literally would hardly see each other much, and she has no idea if they really have anything with substance and she loves sex and isn’t ashamed of it.

Which meant I got left with Quinn yet again. Given the time he was taking to make his decision, I wasn’t exactly happy about that. I mean, putting me with him was like flashing chocolate my way then telling me I couldn’t have it. It was just plain mean.

So this part of the story was really heart wrenching at times because boy these two…need to sit down seriously and talk openly and honestly.

And yay for more of Riley’s brother and his partner…these two are so great and even though we don’t get much of them in the story, they are always a delight to see. Rhoan is gay and I really liked seeing him back his sister up and his unique points of character that enhance the development of the story line. There is quite a few scenes of suspense and mystery that I found intriguing and the ending really has me sad and excited to see what is to come in the next book.

The Cover

I love the blue theme to this cover….with the sensuality and the supernatural elements displayed.

Overall View

Kissing Sin is a remarkable story that is heart wrenching and stimulating….it takes us on the road of thrilling adventure, intrigue and suspense. Keep your seat belts on…because this one was a wild ride!!

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About Keri Arthur

Keri Arthur, author of the New York Times bestselling Riley Jenson, Guardian series, has now written more than 25 books. She's received several nominations in the Best Contemporary Paranormal category of the Romantic Times Reviewer's Choice Awards, and recently won RT's Career Achievement Award for urban fantasy. She lives in Melbourne with her daughter and two crazy dogs

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  1. I always find it a little funny how things go from simple, normal life to just plain crazy dangerous for the heroines in the Urban Fantasy series. The troubles of the first adventure seem almost simple compared to what comes next. And whew! She’s got a tangled love life as well. Glad you’re getting through one of the older series.

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