Tea and Biscuits Book Discusiions: Fantasy and Sci Fi Series


I wanted to share one of my favorite genres. This is a very unique genre of romance to read, its unique and creative and can be so fun. And even though I haven’t read much…what I have read I have loved.

Shielder Series

Now this was my first series into science fiction romance…and I am still madly in love with it!! Catherine Spangler did wonders with this series. Its a series based on a group of people that are seeking freedom from certain oppressors that are seeking to overtake the galaxy and destroy any who fight against them. Its a series of adventures, mystery, and suspense with a delightful mix of passion and romance.

Unforgettable Series 

This is a wonderful series, and I read this a few years ago and loved it. Plenty of outerspace adventure and romance. With some unique elements but what I loved most about this series is the writing of this author. Very engaging with great plot lines.

Chronicles of the Warlands 

Now I have a certain love for this series!! This is one of my favorite authors…she really swept me away with these books…I honestly couldn’t put any of them down!! Probably one of the best romances I have ever read in my life, very compelling and unique. If you haven’t read these books….head over to your favorite bookseller and buy the first book and you won’t regret it!!

Tairen Soul Series 

This series is quite wonderful…its based on one couple and their epic love story. We see how their relationship grows through the series and the way they deal with the threats against them. Both characters are vividly pictured and this author does a fantastic job in the wold building.When it comes to fantasy themed world building…this author beats them all!!!

Ly San Ter Family 

Now this is the only fantasy and sci fi themed series Johanna Lindsey wrote. It even has a bit of a contemporary romance theme in the third book…so a bit of everything for any romance lover. The first two books have a more historical type setting theme but takes place on other worlds. It was one of the first books I read from this author and boy are they fantastic!! This series is based on a family, the parents are featured in the first book and their two kids are in books 2 and 3. This series is where we take a mix of a warrior like society and mix in some sci fi elements—quite creative and fun and boy so many moments that had me laughing.

Eternal Guardians 

This series is a mix between PNR and Fantasy….I put it in the Fantasy column because it deals strongly with greek mythology. Now each of these books are intense, compelling and stimulating. I love what this author has done with this series, and so well written. I have read in both printed and audio formats—both are fantastic.

Kate Daniels 

This is truly a wonderful series and with great world building. I love what Illona Andrews, has done with this series. Curran and Kate are such a great couple, and I love that we see their relationship slowly develop through the series. Its so fun to see the dynamics of the various packs and supernatural creatures.

Brides of The Kindred 

This is a very unique series, that I fell in love with a couple of years ago when the first book came out. It does have a more intense heated element to it….but the author does great with balancing it out with some decent plots and fun characters.