Book Review-Bound To A Warrior

Book Review-Bound To A WarriorBound to a Warrior by Donna Fletcher
Also in this series: A Warrior's Promise, Loved By a Warrior
Series: The Warrior King #1
Published by Avon on August 31st 2010
Genres: Historical Romance, Medieval Era, Scottish Highlands
Pages: 384
Format: Paperback
Source: Library
ISBN: 0061934712
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It has been prophesied that four men, raised as brothers, will bring Scotland back to her rightful glory. The first is running for his life.

Charged with the restoration of Scotland's one true king, Duncan MacAlpin isn't surprised to find himself fleeing an army across the verdant hills of his homeland. But having to do so while shackled to a woman . . . that is a true challenge to Duncan's ingenuity and self-control. For the lovely, untouched maiden he's chained to is far too captivating to resist.Despite her innocence, Mercy guards her own dangerous secrets. Proud and unafraid—hunted and imperiled for who she is and what she knows—she is determined to regain her freedom and never let it be taken from her again. Yet locked so tightly to her imposed escort, tempted by the warmth of the powerful Highlander's body, she aches to give herself over completely to desire . . . and risk the heart she has fought so hard to protect.

My Review

Duncan, gets caught by the king’s soldiers and finds himself chained to her side. He knows that they will be killed very soon. Chained to her side, he admires this woman’s courage and tenacity. When they manage to escape the soldiers, just barely, they are on the run, trying to hide from the soldiers that hunt them. Duncan has a important mission, and being chained to Mercy is a challenge, but a delightful one. He finds himself captivated by her beauty and strength of spirit. Mercy is running from a past that has haunted her. She feels a deep connection to Duncan, a attraction that she can’t deny. Even though a part of her knows, they could never have a future together, all she wants is to embrace the precious time they have left.

The Hero 
Duncan has always know of what his true purpose has been. He is part of the four, to bring the true king to Scotland and restore back their honor. Duncan has always known that he would someday find his true love and have a family, even though he has a vital mission to complete. When he ends up on the run with a beautiful woman who is literally chained to his side. He starts to feel a powerful desire for this woman whose courage rivals his own. He will do everything to protect her…

The Heroine 
Mercy, has been on the run, from those that would kill her. She is also the bastard daughter of the current king. Now she is chained to a highlander named Duncan, who is unlike any man she has ever met. Mercy has been sheltered from other men, and until now has never been alone with one in this way. Mercy, has a strong will to survive, even though the king wants her dead. With Duncan, on her side, she feels that together, they have a chance to survive.

My Thoughts 
Having read the three other books in the Warrior  King series, I very much was looking forward to reading Duncan’s story. I think from the first few pages of the story, I was captivated by these two characters, I couldn’t help but like them from the start. Duncan, is part of the four brothers where one of them will become the true King. It starts out with Duncan and Mercy being chained from the first page. Then after that, the real adventure begins. I have to say both of them handled being chained together very well. Mercy, is a very strong young woman, and can be just as fierce as Duncan. (Which was very enjoyable to see them together). I loved the way the story was written with creative scenes that could make one laugh numerous times. The love story that develops was a sweet and passionate one. The sex scenes were very hot and sexy. I really liked the way the plot unravels in such a way that captivates the reader and keeps you fully entertained until the end. I found Bound To A Warrior a delectable read, and one I had a hard time putting down. One that will be capture your heart!!

First Sentence 
Duncan tumbled down hard onto the woman.
Quotes I Enjoyed 

“He surprised himself when without forethought, he slipped his arm around her waist and drew her up against him, settling his mouth close to hers. “Love ,” He whispered  Love lasts forever.”
Long, lazy kissses, soft, exploring touches and endless hours of lovemaking.
Damn he was in trouble.
“Look at all that food, Duncan,” Mercy said and eagerly licked her lips.
He leaned close to her ear and whispered, “And here I thought you only had a taste for me,”
Her warm cheek stung his cool one as she pressed it against his. “I’m saving the tastiest, most delicious for last.”
“Now you’re really tempting me,” he warned

About Donna Fletcher

Donna Fletcher is a USA Today bestselling author. It was her love of reading that started it all. Her mother fed her passion by signing her up for a Young Adult book club, and from then on she was never without a book. Whether on a bus, train or plane or simply standing on line, you’ll find her reading.

Donna has written numerous historical romances and part of the fun in writing she admits is doing the research. Getting lost in Scotland in 1514 proved exciting and learning about pirates and the high seas thrilled and surprised her. Her four paranormal romances, Wedding Spell, Magical Moments and Magical Memories, Remember the Magic took her into the world of magic though it is not a foreign place to her. She has studied the mystical arts over the years and finds them fascinating.

But it is with her characters she has the most fun. She loves giving life to fresh and exciting characters and they never cease to surprise and inspire her. She feels their excitement as they face the pleasures and pitfalls of falling in love, for love is truly a grand adventure and Donna is definitely as adventurous as her characters.

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