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Book Review-Her Highness and the Highlander

by | Feb 23, 2013 | Book Reviews | 0 comments

Book Review-Her Highness and the HighlanderHer Highness and the Highlander by Tracy Anne Warren
Also in this series: The Princess and the Peer, The Trouble with Princesses
Series: The Princess Brides #2
Published by Signet on November 6th 2012
Genres: Historical Romance, Scottish Highlands, Regency Era
Pages: 340
Format: Paperback
Source: Library
ISBN: 0451238435

From New York Times bestselling author Tracy Anne Warren comes the second novel in an enchanting new trilogy about three princesses brought together by friendship and fate. This is Princess Mercedes’s story…While journeying home from Scotland, Princess Mercedes of Alden's coach is set upon and her personal guard is killed. Barely escaping with her life, Mercedes seeks help at a nearby inn. But since she has no money and looks little better than a beggar, her claim that she is a princess is dismissed by the townsfolk as a far-fetched tale. Utterly forsaken, Mercedes wonders what is to become of her.After years of soldiering, dispossessed Laird Daniel MacKinnon is finally coming home. While at an inn, he is confronted by a bedraggled young woman claiming to be of royal blood. Daniel doesn't believe her wild tale, but when she asks for his protection, he agrees to serve as her bodyguard; in turn she promises to reward him handsomely once they reach London.But Mercedes is still being pursued by ruthless hunters whose motives remain unclear. The danger increases, as does the desire that she and Daniel feel for each other, until the two of them must face the greatest danger of all: falling in love.

My Review 

While on her journey home to Alden from Scotland, her carriage is attacked. With her personal guard, maid, and even her cousin dead, she is the only survivor and is able to flee into the woods. Finally after some time, she reaches a inn, and tries to convey her situation to the locals, who has little sympathy and don’t even believe her when she says she is a Princess. Then a handsome stranger defends her. Mercedes asks for his help as her bodyguard. Daniel, reaches out to this young woman who is obviously in fear of something and in need of a champion. Even though he thinks she is a bit addled in claiming she is a princess. However he feels that there is someone or something that has genuinely frightened her so he accompanies her to London. Through the journey back to London, he knows there is a real danger chasing them, but he fears he is in real danger of losing his heart to her.

The Hero 
Daniel, felt like going into the military service was the best course of action. His parents lived on a poor farm, after their land was taken away. He has just returned, and plans on building a life for himself. When he finds a lone woman, looking like she has had the devil chasing her, he decides to help her out as best he can. Even though he thinks there is no truth in her claims as a princess, he decides to help her down to London. But when he finds himself falling in love with her, all he wants to do is claim her as his forever.

The Heroine 
Mercedes was sent by her father to a school in Scotland, and now she is just returning home. She misses her family, and it has been some time since she has seen them. But her journey is violently interrupted when she is attacked. After barely escaping, she is horrified when her maid and her cousin are killed. There are men that want to capture her, but she has no idea why. She only knows that she needs to make it to London as soon as possible. When she meets Daniel, he rescues her. On their way to London, she feels herself starting to really care for him, and knows all she wants is to be with him for the rest of her life. Because she has never been happier than at his side.

My Thoughts 
 Her Highness and the Highlander is the second in the series by Tracy Anne Warren. I just have thoroughly enjoyed each and every one of this authors’ works. So I knew when seeing this one on the shelf that I had to pick it up. When I read the Blurb on the back, I knew it would be one that I hoped was just as good as her other books. I mean a princess in need of a knight in shining armor, a sexy highlander in need of a good woman, and a exciting plot to keep its reader on their toes. Who wouldn’t want to read it? I really enjoyed the characters…both Daniel and Mercedes I felt were perfect for each other. Mercedes I found to be very adaptive to each environment she is put in. For being a spoiled princess, there is a lot more to her than meets the eye. I really liked how she was willing to fight for Daniel and be with him no matter what. Daniel, is just so loveable, I couldn’t help but admire him from the first few pages. There was something about the way he is with Mercedes that I just found delightful. The Plot was exciting from the first sentence. I was utterly captivated by the suspenseful scenes, the engaging characters, the sensual love scenes, and a brilliantly written story. LOVED IT AND COULDN’T PUT IT DOWN ONCE!!!!

About Tracy Anne Warren

Tracy Anne Warren is the New York Times bestselling author of ten Regency historical romance novels, including At The Duke’s Pleasure and The Husband Trap. Her books have appeared on the USA Today Bestsellers’ list and the Borders’ Group List of Bestselling Single Title Romance Paperbacks. She has won numerous writing awards, including Romance Writers’ of America’s prestigious RITA® Award, the National Readers’ Choice Award, the HOLT Medallion, the Golden Quill, and others.

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