At A Glance: Month of February

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What a month it has been and I can’t believe how fast this month flew by, but then I feel like February always flies super fast. There were some good things that happened and some “meh” things. So first off with the blog. Things are progressing pretty good, I did get some good amount of UBB reviews transferred over from my old place and cleaning up the blog a bit more. I have also been making progress with my character guide for the Malory Anderson family. My goal is to have it finished by the end of March *crossing fingers* It has been time consuming of course, but I am having a blast reconnecting with one of my all time favorite families and man the humor, I feel like I am just laughing it up by immersing myself into these stories once again. And this month was also THE RELEASE of Devil in Spring—-this alone made my WHOLE MONTH!! Like seriously ladies and any gents out there, I truly had a blast with this book and Kleypas is such a pure talent. I swear, I didn’t know how she would make me fall in love all over again, but she did and of course I got to see my favorite couple again so that was a huge plus and with all their quirks and to see that their personalities haven’t changed and are still so solid—love that!! So to those who have NOT read this author or this book yet—-get on that because you are seriously missing out.  I also have been keeping good track of my ARC’s, new Icon Tags to make and discussion ideas through my bullet journal. I am still having a blast with discovering new ways to track things in my life and blogging stuff with it. Eventually I want to track everything from health and fitness, to religion and spirituality and even my genealogy research and family things. Of course many of you know that Fifty Shades Darker came out this month. Now I was wondering how they would fit everything into a two hour long movie because so much does happen in the book. They did alright, but it did feel a bit rushed and I wish they had put more edgy emotion into it, but other than that it was fun and I discovered some nice AMC theatres too (yeah didn’t have those in Utah) so definitely elevates the movie experience. This month hasn’t been too terrible. I have been having chest pains but I think its due to stress and so I definitely am working on a fitness and yoga regimen to help bring meditation to my workouts once or twice a week and see if that helps.  I have been working a lot trying to get money saved up so I can visit my sister over the next month or two as she is having a baby soon and yep I am going to be an aunt again so so excited, I already have some cutsie cowboy outfits picked up for the little tyke. I am in Texas after all hehe Hope you all are doing well and bring on the month of March!!!

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Goodreads Reading Challenge-57 books out of 300–9 books ahead of schedule!!

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