ARC Book Review-Wild Embrace by Nalini Singh

ARC Book Review-Wild Embrace by Nalini Singh

I received this book for free from Berkley Publishing Group in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

ARC Book Review-Wild Embrace by Nalini SinghWild Embrace by Nalini Singh
Also in this series: Slave to Sensation, Caressed By Ice, Mine to Possess, Hostage to Pleasure, Branded by Fire, Shield of Winter
Series: Psy Changeling #15.5
Published by Berkley on August 23rd 2016
Genres: Paranormal Romance, Shape Shifting, Psychic Abilities
Pages: 400
Format: eARC
Source: Berkley Publishing Group
ISBN: 1101989718
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The “alpha author of paranormal romance”* presents a stunningly sensual collection of four all-new Psy-Changeling novellas, in which taboos are broken, boundaries are crossed, and instincts prove irresistible...

Echo of Silence
In a deep-sea station, Tazia Nerif has found her life’s work as an engineer, keeping things running smoothly. But she wants nothing more than to break down the barrier of silence between her and her telekinetic Psy station commander...

A changeling who can never shift lives a life of quiet frustration—until he learns how to let his leopard come out and play...

Partners in Persuasion
Still raw from being burned by a dominant female, wolf changeling Felix will never again risk being a plaything. But for dominant leopard Dezi, he’s the most fascinating man she’s ever met. She just has to convince this gun-shy wolf that he can trust the dangerous cat who wants to take a slow, sexy bite out of him…

Flirtation of Fate
Seven years ago, Kenji broke Garnet’s heart. Now the wolf packmates have to investigate the shocking murder of one of their own. And the more Kenji sees of the woman Garnet has become, the deeper he begins to fall once more. But even his primal instincts are no match for the dark secret he carries...
*Booklist, starred review

My Review UpdatedIn Echo Of Silence we have a psy romance. Tazia Neref has found her passion in working at a deep sea station working with a psy Stefan. Tazia and Stefan have a wonderful built up romance. At first there is some mystery between them. Tazia is struggling with the past and her estrangement from her family. Stefan, although a Psy, is closer to emotion than most of his kind. Stefan suffered from a traumatic childhood. I really liked how well Stefan understood Tazia from the beginning. He is drawn to her. Their relationship really develops more when they work together on a project in helping a village that is being torn apart by a earthquake. What was most interesting was seeing these two work so well together. They have some powerful chemistry but what I loved most was seeing what Stefan does for Tazia toward the end. Quite a tear jerker in some moments. I love seeing a couple like these two fit so well for each other.

In Dorian we get to see more of this psy changeling couple. We see Dorian from the beginning, when he is little and dealing with not being able to shift. And how hard it was for him and the ways he had to make up for it as part of the pack. We see his relationship with Vaughn, Mercy and Lucas. I loved seeing more depth to him and Shaya. And then reveal of seeing him being able to shift for the first time and running with his pack in ways he has always dreamed of most of his life. Dorian is one of my favorite characters, and man I needed plenty of tissues when he reveals the truth to Lucas and other members of his pack. We see more emotional depth to the pack, and how closely tied they are to each other. They live in each others joys and sorrows and man those happy moments were quite heart warming.

In Partners In Persuasion we get a unique relationship (that is my favorite to see which is rarely done in this series) seeing a dominant and submissive pairing. However unlike “Declaration Of Courtship”, the dominant of the pair is our heroine and the submissive is our hero. This adds something very unique and different. Of course, we have seen hints of couples through the series with these pairing, but not as a main story. Felix, is a submissive and content with his role in the pack. He has been burned by having a relationship with a dominant before (who was very cruel to him). He doesn’t know if he can do it again, when Dezi comes flirting with him. Dezi, may be a dominant female, and she has always had dominant partners, and has never found a man she can be truly happy with until she meets Felix. A man who is loyal, reliable and gentle. Like with these type of pairing, they come across some difficulties, but they work through it and build a slow trust with each other. Truly a heartwarming and sweet romance that I couldn’t get enough. and my favorite of this anthology.

In Flirtation Of Fate we have a story of a second chance romance between Kenji and Ganget. Kenji and Ganget fell in love when they were younger but right when their relationship was turning into a mating dance. Kenji learned a painful truth about himself and he pushed Ganget away. Now its been years, and both are still single. When a murder of one of their own happens, they are forced to work together to get to the bottom of this murder mystery. Boy these two were so fun!! Ganget was awesome, she doesn’t tolerate crap from anyone and Kenji really hurt her in the past. But when she spends more time with him, and realizes that not every was as it seemed…she is going to find out the truth and give him hell for it!! And boy does she…I love seeing these two find their way back to each other and exonerate a innocent man.

This was such a wonderful anthology, and I loved seeing these side characters have their own stories or seeing a personal favorite and having some more depth to his story!!! Well written and a compelling group of mini stories that I found endearing, unique and memorable!

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About The Author Updated

About Nalini Singh

I've been writing as long as I can remember and all of my stories always held a thread of romance (even when I was writing about a prince who could shoot lasers out of his eyes). I love creating unique characters, love giving them happy endings and I even love the voices in my head. There's no other job I would rather be doing. In September 2002, when I got the call that Silhouette Desire wanted to buy my first book, Desert Warrior, it was a dream come true. I hope to continue living the dream until I keel over of old age on my keyboard.

I was born in Fiji and raised in New Zealand. I also spent three years living and working in Japan, during which time I took the chance to travel around Asia. I’m back in New Zealand now, but I’m always plotting new trips. If you’d like to see some of my travel snapshots, have a look at the Travel Diary page (updated every month).

So far, I've worked as a lawyer, a librarian, a candy factory general hand, a bank temp and an English teacher and not necessarily in that order. Some might call that inconsistency but I call it grist for the writer's mill.

7 thoughts on “ARC Book Review-Wild Embrace by Nalini Singh

  1. Loved your thoughts on this one! I just finished it last night. 🙂 Nalini writes some of the best characters out there, paranormal or contemporary romance, doesn’t she? I loved all of them, but I agree that Felix & Dezi were my favorites. They were super sweet together. And such a cool twist with the female being the dominant one in the relationship.

    1. oh yippee *clapping hands* I am glad you loved this one as well. Have you read her Urban Fantasy yet? Those are just as fabulous. I think what I admire most about this author, is how she can go from genre to genre and write some of the best stories I have ever read. Weren’t Felix and Dezi great? It was a good twist with the female being the dominant, since I don’t think she had written that type of relationship yet so I was intrigued how it would work compared to the others. And man I want more of them hehe

      1. 🙂 I’ve read several books in both her Psy-Changeling and Guild Hunter series and love them both SO much. I’ve also loved all of her Rock Kiss series, too, of course. Nalini’s stories have incredible heart and depth to the storylines. I love that they’re easy to read yet still very intelligently written. She’s become an auto-buy author for me over the past 3 or 4 years.

  2. Nalini Singh has the best Shifters around. I am doing a reread of this series since it has been awhile and stopped at Hawks book Kiss Of Snow. I want to write reviews and thought it would be great to do my rereads. I am on Dorians book Hostage to Pleasure. Excited to see Dorian in Wild Embrace.

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