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Quickie Romance Review-The Queen’s Gambit by Jessie Mihalik

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Quickie Romance Review-The Queen's Gambit by Jessie Mihalik

Quickie Romance Review-The Queen’s Gambit by Jessie MihalikThe Queen's Gambit by Jessie Mihalik
Series: Rogue Queen #1
Published by NYLA on November 20, 2017
Genres: Science Fiction Romance
Narrator: Rachel Delude
Length: 4 Hours and 14 Minutes
Format: eBook
Source: Library
AmazonLibrary Thing

When the Quint Confederacy and the Kos Empire went to war—again—young Queen Samara wisely kept her Rogue Coalition out of the conflict. But staying neutral in a galactic war doesn’t pay the bills, not when both sides refuse to trade with neutral sectors.
With her people on the brink of starvation, Samara hatches a daring plan to snatch the kidnapped Kos Emperor from the Quint mercenaries holding him. The Kos Empire will pay a fortune for their emperor’s return, enough to feed the Coalition’s citizens while they wait for the return to a begrudging peace.
But when her plan goes sideways, Samara finds herself evading Quint mercenaries with the very man she intends to capture. And the more time she spends with Valentin Kos, the more she realizes that he’s not the coldly indifferent villain she imagined. Torn between duty and desire, Samara must decide if saving her people is worth giving up the one thing she’s always wanted.
The Queen’s Gambit is a science fiction novella set in its own universe. I’ll be posting it in a serial format, with new installments each week.

The Queen’s Gambit is the first book of this author’s debut series. And as I fell in love with her Consortium Rebellion trilogy, I was super eager to try out this other series of hers and yep I fell in love with this book. I think even just a couple years her writing has improved vastly, but I quite had a blast with this book and it had so many laugh out loud moments. We have two strong protaganists that melted my heart in every way. You have our hero, who is the emperor and a new one at that. His father died and named him his replacement and he is the younger son, so had no clue why, and now dealing with all his advisors seeking his death including his brother. Then you have the heroine, Queen Samara. Her people are starving and she will do whatever it takes to see to their welfare including kidnapping Emperor Kos to get a ransom out of it. But the chemistry between these two is explosive and soon they join forces against their true enemies and build a peace between their two peoples, but their journey is just beginning.

Overall I couldn’t seem to get enough of this book, at first, I wasn’t quite a Samara fan to be honest. Kos had my heart from the get go, he just has such a solid foundation of goodness and honesty and a bit of craftiness and sometimes Samara wasn’t the best to him. But she thoughout the story, did win my good will once again and I grew to admire her as the main focus of this trilogy and I am excited to see what becomes of her and Kos in this trilogy.

About Jessie Mihalik

Author of Polaris Rising, a romantic science fiction novel out now from Harper Voyager. For a peek at the first three chapters, visit my website. Aurora Blazing, the second book in the series, arrives in October! The first chapter is available!

Jessie Mihalik has a degree in Computer Science and a love of all things geeky. A software engineer by trade, Jessie now writes full time from her home in Texas. When she’s not writing, she can be found playing co-op video games with her husband, trying out new board games, or reading books pulled from her overflowing bookshelves.

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